I had my tubes tied because I only wanted two kids… it didn’t work and now I’ve got a third

A MUM has shared her shock at getting her tubes tied because she only wanted two kids – only to fall pregnant with a THIRD.

The woman posted a video sharing her story on TikTok, which featured her surprise third child, who is now a toddler. 

She wrote: “When god gives you a son and daughter so you get your tubes tied because your family is complete.”

The mum then panned onto the fateful positive pregnancy test which informed her that her procedure had been unsuccessful and she was having another baby.

Next, the video showed the baby scans and then the birth, and finally revealed the young girl as a toddler with her siblings.

Her video has racked up over 30,000 likes – and got a mixed reaction.

One person wrote: “Girl don’t scare me.”

Another added: “That’s why I got my tubes removed completely”, to which the mum replied “I should have done that.”

However, many people said the little girl was a miracle, with one writing: “Gorgeous, this seems to happen a lot.”

A second wrote: “Congratulations, you should have called her Precious Miracle.”

Despite the shock of being pregnant again, the mum said the family are “blessed” to have their third child. 

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