I hate both the names my partner wants for our daughter – people say they’re so bad it’s ‘time to find a new husband’ | The Sun

A COUPLE expecting their first child are at loggerheads over the naming of their daughter.

The mother hates the names her husband has chosen.

She felt so incensed she took her gripe to the online forum Reddit for some reassurance.

However, she didn't get a great deal of comfort there.

Many respondents mocked the names and at least one suggested that it was "time to find a new husband."

The soon-to-be mom shared her husband's preferences.

"Opinions on Khaleesi, as a baby name," she asked.

Her displeasure was clear. "I refuse to name my child after a goddess," she said.

Then she revealed her husband's second choice, amphibian in nature.

"Hubb’s next pick was for Newt."

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Her question certainly stirred up the Reddit community, with many bewildered by the choices.

Khaleesi appeared to be a name of some debate, with over 400 chiming in with their views.

It is a name with less heavenly meaning and more regal, according to the blockbuster Game of Thrones, where it means "queen."

Commenters were not very complimentary.

"I know a girl who named her daughter Khaleesi, and I feel so bad for the kid, not just because her mom gave her dumb*ss name," wrote one.

Another said it was a portent of future unrest for the child.

"Who is going to either legally change their name when they turn 18 or will spend their entire adult life cursing their parents every time they have to fill out a government form or get a coffee at Starbucks."

Another comment said he knew other children with unusual names.

My ex-friend's oldest sister named her fifth kid Jedi, not short for Jedediah or anything reasonable. Straight up Jedi. All his birthdays are Star Wars themed."

 Finally, perhaps a Game of Thrones-inspired name was not that unusual after all.

"Just started taking my toddler to dance class and there’s an 8-year-old named Daneryas. Blew my mind to find one in our small coastal town."

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