I hate the baby name my wife picked for our daughter, it’s unfair to her but we made a pact so I'm stuck with it | The Sun

A FATHER revealed that he "cannot stand" the name his wife chose for their daughter but said he had to stand by a pact the couple made.

The pact allowed the mother to choose the name of their second child after the dad had the privilege of naming their first son after his brother

The 36-year-old man, who wanted to remain anonymous, posted on Reddit about how he found himself unsure of what to do with his wife's choice of name.

"So my wife and I are expecting a daughter," he started.

"We already have a son who is 2 years old. Our agreement was that I got to name the first baby, and she got to name the second baby.

"She didn’t have any strong opinions or preferences with regards to naming our son so I went with what I thought was a strong, somewhat unique name but that could just as easily suit a musician as a lawyer or doctor.

"I picked the name Calvin Heath, the middle name after my brother who unfortunately passed away and my wife was fine with it."

He then got to the problem: "My wife told me she wants to name our daughter Ever Winter Rain where Ever is the first name and Winter Rain is the middle name.

"I don’t think this is a good name and that it isn’t fair to our daughter because Ever is a word and I don’t think it passes the supreme court justice test – it doesn’t sound professional, it’s confusing because it’s a word and I don’t think it would suit her into adulthood.

"I suggested Winter as the first name with a more normal middle name like Emma so she has options but my wife refused.

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"But our agreement was that she got to pick the name."

Another mom offered a similar story, saying she waited until her daughter started school to change her name.

The mom wrote on Mumsnet: "I'm coming to deeply regret DDs [darling daughter's] name, which is sad as it's a pretty name and really suits her.

"However, I'm 100 percent certain she is going to be picked on, bullied, and teased for being called this."

"There are longer names which could still be shortened to her name now, but would at least give DD the option not to be called what she is," she continued.

"I've briefly mentioned to ex-DP [darling partner] my thoughts and he is firm of the thought her name isn't to be changed. I honestly think if I went to court (and I would consider this) and the judge would allow a change for DDs sake."

She asked what others would do, but the most common question on people's minds was "what is the name?"

The woman later added that the name is Alexa and has already caused confusion with family.

"It's a lovely name and it really does suit her, but recently I've had comments from kids and adults about it," she said.

"Even my own bloody dad has bought an echo dot and thinks it's hilarious when he talks to my Alexa and it answers.

"A friend's primary-aged kid asked if that meant he could tell her to sing songs for him as his Alexa does.

"I just feel like I've set her up for a lifetime of being told to turn the light off, or play 80s music or tell a bad joke."

She's considering alternative names like Alexia, Alexis, or Alexandra just to make it a little bit different.

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