I have a big bust – my $20 boob tape find is great, but you need to know where to place it for the best result | The Sun

BOOB tape does the undercover job that bras can't: provide support and shape without being seen.

Nora Harris argues her tape is effective, but you need to know where to place it for the best results.

Nora is a plus-size fashion influencer.

She posted a TikTok reviewing Fashion Forms Women's Tape it Your Way Breast Tape and the Fashion Form Ultimate Silicone Gel Petals.

"I am going to show you all some boob tape options that are big boob friendly," she says.

The tape is $27, and the petals are $15.


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The best way to use both products is to use them together.

Nora says to place the petals over your areolas as they protect the sensitive areas of your breasts from the stickiness of the tape.

Although the tape she uses is nude, Fashion Forms does offer flush tone options.

This tape is thick, and it comes in a roll.

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Nora ties her dress back tighter using a hairband so viewers can see how effective the tape is.

"So I didn't really know how to do this the best since it was my first time reviewing the tape, but I got everything pulled up as best as possible for this first round, and I think I got some good shape with it," Nora explains.

In Nora's opinion, the tape made her boob shape a little weird, but that's because she hadn't used it before.

She says that placement is essential.

Finding what works best for your chest only comes with practice.

Nora adds: "I definitely want to do a test to see how it wears maybe after a couple of hours, but so far so good. It's holding up pretty good I've had it on for like an hour so far."

To remove the tape, she recommends using olive oil or coconut oil to loosen up the adhesive.

One person suggested Nora try placing the tape while lying on her back.

Other viewers thought the tape worked well the way she did.

"I think there's a big difference. I think it looks wonderful," one woman commented.

Another wrote: "You did a great job with the tape I hope it worked out for you in the dress looks marvelous you look marvelous in that dress."

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