I have big boobs & found the perfect solution for wearing backless tops – it’s the ultimate supportive bodysuit | The Sun

HAVING to readjust a top every couple of minutes can make the look not worth it.

For women with big boobs, the need for support often outweighs the ability to wear different style tops – but not anymore.

TikTok's midsize fashion expert Liz Thul has found the solution to making one style of top big-boob friendly.

"This is for my girls with a bigger chest who still want to rock those backless tops or backless dresses," she shares in her post.

Instead of settling for no support and no bra, Liz reveals the must-have item if you have big boobs and want to wear this style.

The Peachy Backless Body Bra is all you need.

For just $38, you get support and style.

This bodysuit bra is strapless, backless, and comes in beige and black.

It has two thin clear, stretchy straps that hook around the back to hold it up and in place.

"What I love about this is it's still going to give you support because you have these little clear straps. You can strap them around the top, kind of around the shoulders, or halter style," Liz explains.

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There's also a tiny, clear strap that holds the two cups together in the middle.

However, you can un-hook this strap to separate the cups more.

Liz tries the bra with a brown, backless bodysuit which has two arm straps.

She hooks the clear straps of the bra around her arms and underneath the brown bodysuit ones.

The clear straps are hidden, and now the bra is shaped like the bodysuit.

"This is the perfect bodysuit. I cannot recommend it enough. I am absolutely obsessed," Liz admits.

And so are her viewers.

Sharing the same frustration that Liz has experienced with these tops, one person wrote: "I literally didn’t buy anything backless this summer cause this reason."

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"Girllll I NEED it," another commented.

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