I have big boobs which ‘overflow a DD-cup’ – I will never understand women who don’t like their large chests | The Sun

ONE woman doesn't consider her large bust to be a problem, and seems to fully embrace the size of her girls.

She says she can't understand women who don't like their big boobs, and the comedic lady can name a few things that she lacks, yet her chest more than makes up for.

"I will never understand women who don't like their big t**ties," the busty woman, Leanna Hale (@deliberatecreator1111) took to TikTok to weigh in on the topic.

"Like, that's a flex for me. Do I have a fulfilling career that helps humanity heal from their trauma?

"Nope, but I got big t**ties," she quipped.

"Do I have a nice house or a nice car, and everything I've ever dreamed of? No. But I can overflow a double D cup.


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"So all the ladies with big boobs, don't be ashamed of the fact that you have big boobs.

"However big they are, know that you could command a man just by jumping up and down, and they'll do anything that you want," she said.

"Just because you got huge t**ties."

"We may not got equal pay but we got power over their a*ses in other ways," she chuckled with a smile.

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Some viewers of the humorous clip felt like Leanna was on to something.

"Yup, I got to agree with you on that," one person wrote.

"Most true facts ever," a second said.

Other women who were experiencing the big boob struggle tried to explain their stances.

"Cause yours are just the right size! These f***ing things have been huge since I was 12. I have an H cup… I don't want to be cursed anymore," one wrote adding a laughing emoji.

To which Leanna responded: "I know it hurts you but even if it did hurt me, I would still take pride in it."

Another woman who wasn't a fan of her large chest due to pain admitted: "Getting a reduction soon. [The] size is too much for me. I have disk issues from them. Not ashamed just in pain. Lol."

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