I have DD boobs – all I want is to wear $9 Shein bikinis, but they don’t work on my body | The Sun

A BIG breasted woman whose dream is to wear Shein swimsuits, is living the nightmare.

This content producer has a toned body but with a DD cup, and the brand's sizes just do not fit her shape, and she’s pretty fed up.

Having big boobs is not as good as it might sound, particularly when it comes to swimwear according to TikToker Tiffany Jeffcoat (@tiff.jeffcoat).

Finding something suitable to suit her shape has become a thankless task.

Some women might envy being so naturally blessed in the boob department, but it’s no fun when nothing fits, said Tiffany and you're planning a day at the beach.

She posted her video and used lyrics from a Dua Lipa hit -which proved to be appropriate: ‘Levitate’.

In her post, Tiffany's curly blonde hair was pulled back and she wore a sweatshirt, and captioned her video: “Girl with DD boobs.”

Tiffany has accepted defeat, however, saying: “$9 Shein swimsuit sets.” "$20 Target tops it is," she adds.

In the background, Dua Lipa's lyrics play, saying: "I want you, I want you baby".

There were many who related to her plight and over 85,000 liked her post and many more commented.

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“This is literally me," said one fan.

Another agreed: “They are so nice but like they don’t fit.”

Similarly, this fan said: “I probably have every single Target top that has a tie in the back because the girls don’t cooperate with anything else.”

There was a suggestion from one viewer: “I’m an E and I promise it is possible. You need to buy sizes large and extra large."

But this fan summed up the frustration: “Dude, my Shein ones don’t want to fit.

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