I have super-long eyelashes – everyone asks me how… it’s a £1 trick dating from the 1800s | The Sun

EVERYONE always asks her how she got her eyelashes and eyebrows so long.

And Jayci has now revealed her £1 beauty secret.

She first took to TikTok to share a video in which she showed off her super-long lashes, as she said: "They almost touch my eyebrow, okay?

"They're almost doing sign language.

"And they're not even that thick – that mascara is not even that thick.

"I have a Vaseline trick – Vaseline you've gotta call me!"

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However, after Jayci insisted that she wouldn't "gatekeep" the beauty secret, she opened up in another video.

Holding a tub of Vaseline, she said: "I use this every night for make-up remover – it takes off waterproof make-up, it doesn't have any fragrance in it, you're probably not going to have an allergic reaction because chances are you already use it on other parts of your body.

"So I use Vaseline to remove my eye make-up every single night.

"Then, I spray on a little bit of castor oil. This will help get off any leftover make-up, in case the Vaseline didn't get all of it, but this, and this combo is what's going to make your lashes grow.

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"Then when you've got your whole face clean, you've used whatever products you want to use, you just take a cotton bud, a little bit of castor oil, rub it on your eye and then rub some on your eyebrows as well."

Jayci then uses the Vaseline Jelly tick under her eyes, "kind of like an under eye cream".

"They've grown tremendously," she added.

"I don't use any other product other than a brow gel on my eyebrows, and I don't use any other lash serum on my lashes."

People were quick to comment on the video, with many asking Jayci questions about her regime. "Is the castor oil diluted?"

"Yes, it’s a super old bottle. My new bottle won’t spray, it has a pump," Jayci replied.

She also revealed you can use "any organic castor oil".

"Did I run immediately the first time I saw you do it on a live? Sure did! Already seeing a difference," another added.

"So you are saying the castor oil grows the hair, not the Vaseline?" someone else asked.

To which Jayci replied: "Vaseline is make-up remover and locks in moisture.

"The oil helps with removing as well but what’s promoting the hair growth too."

"It is because of the castor oil, not the Vaseline," another stated.

With Jayci responding: "It’s the combo for me".

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Vaseline was first launched back in 1870, when it was marketed as a 'Wonder Jelly' to help heal scrapes, burns and dryness.

Since then, it's remained a popular product in the beauty market, with people finding ever new ways to use the balm.

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