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WHEN most people rip up old musty carpets in their homes, they expect to find boring underlay or, even worse, rotting floorboards. 

But that certainly wasn’t the case for one lucky DIYer, who “absolutely hit the house renovation jackpot” when giving her home’s hallway a revamp. 

Abbie is a stunning lifestyle influencer who’s currently documenting the process of doing up her 123-year-old ex-rental house. 

And in a video that amassed a massive 1.2 million views, she shared the amazing discovery she made after ripping up the carpet in her entranceway. 

“Today, we absolutely hit the house renovation jackpot…” Abbie began, filming a clip of the grey carpet that initially adorned her landing. 

She then added a clip of her ripping up the side of her carpet, explaining: “Our hallway had some damp coming in from by the door”. 

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After removing the fabric and a layer of “rotting laminate”, however, the nifty DIYer made a startling discovery: the “most amazing flooring” lay hidden beneath. 

Naturally, Abbie and her partner then proceeded to rip up the entirety of the hallway's laminate flooring and carpet, revealing the absolutely stunning patterned tiles below. 

“If this is original Victorian tiles then these have been here since 1900!! [sic]” the homeowner excitedly added. 

“Now we just need to figure out how to restore these back to their original beauty,” she concluded. 

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“We’re so excited to get them cleaned up and looking pretty again.” 

She illustrated her video with multiple clips of the gorgeous geometric flooring, featuring beautiful red, yellow, green, blue and black tones. 

“Look at that flooring!!!” Abbie added in the caption. “Any tips on restoring and cleaning Victorian tiles are very very welcome right now.” 

Her clip racked up nearly 40k likes, with hundreds of viewers leaving comments expressing their jealousy at Abbie’s amazing discovery. 

“That’s a crime covering that up!” one fan gushed. 

“Wow. These will look stunning once restored,” another added alongside heart-eye emojis. 

“That really is jackpot!” a third agreed. 

In a follow-up video, Abbie documented how she tried to use some Lithofin to help clean up the tiles. 

She confirmed that they managed to get some of the dirty residue off, but that they’d probably need to enlist a professional to help get them looking perfect. 

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“It’ll be worth all the effort,” the delighted homeowner added in the comments, “even if it takes a year.” 

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