I live off-grid – I take rustic showers in my bikini, I still brush my teeth and do a skincare regime outdoors | The Sun

LIVING off-grid never looked so squeaky clean even if the washing facilities are outside.

One devotee of life away from the rat race has shown just how she does it and has sent temperatures rising in the process.

Rahyndee (@rahyndee) put on a show for her followers of her rustic shower routine.

She wore her bikini for her ablutions that involved obligatory teeth brushing and some alfresco skincare.

Viewers of her post were breathless in their praise.

“Seen 78 times and counting," admitted one fan.

This lady, who has 725,000 followers, has thrown herself into off-grid life with relish.

Even outdoor showers seemed to be something she looked forward to.

In her video, which has had over 20,000 views, she certainly appeared to be enjoying her “outdoor rustic shower.”

Using just a hose with a shower head attached, she stood outside her trailer and washed her body, hair, and brushed her teeth.

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She also managed to attend to her skincare regime.

Commenters were in awe and rather smitten.

“I’m not going to lie, the idea of living off-grid and showering surrounded by nature is a whole new vibe," said this person.

Another was equally impressed: “Girl you are stunning and living the dream.”

“Awesomely beautiful nature," was the view of this person.

This guy thought she was cute: “Geez, you look like a comic book character. Kudos to your fitness routine.”

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