I lost 98lb & bagged myself a toyboy 26 years younger – we have amazing sex but my kids were NOT happy

WHEN Patty Aquilina went on a health kick, she not only shed 98lb, but bagged herself a toyboy in the process.

The 55-year-old, from New York, US, started her weight loss journey in a bid to save her previous marriage – but the couple divorced in 2018.

Two months later, the mom-of-two joined dating site Plenty of Fish and began dating signage designer Brian Csogi, now 30.

As Patty was twice Brian’s age, the couple hid their relationship for years but have since come clean to their families about their 26-year age gap.

Patty, a hospital receptionist, says: “Most men in their 50s want to stay in and watch TV on the sofa.

“While Brian is so adventurous and full of life.

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“To women considering dating a younger man, I’d say, just go for it. Brian is the love of my life and I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.”

When Patty and her now ex-husband met in 1993, she was a slim size 12.

After giving birth to two children over the years, Patty struggled to shift the weight.

By 2017, she ballooned to 294lb and was a dress size 26.

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Patty says: “I was miserable. I hoped losing weight would save our marriage so I began doing rigorous exercise and dieting.”

In a year, Patty managed to drop down to 196lb – losing a whopping 98lb.

To remove her excess skin, she then forked out $10,750 on body lift surgery.

Patty says: “Sadly my ex still didn’t notice me. The spark was gone.”

In January 2018, after 25 years of marriage, they got a divorce.

Two months later, Patty decided to create a profile on dating site, Plenty of Fish.

Patty says: “With my new body and lease of life, I was ready to date.

“I wrote on my profile that I was 52 years old and uploaded some of my best photos.

“Minutes later, I received loads of creepy messages from guys in their 20s.

“I assumed they must’ve read my age wrong and told them how old I was.

“But they all replied it wasn’t a mistake. I was gobsmacked.

“I had no idea a man in his 20s would be attracted to someone my age. Admittedly, it was a huge boost to my self-esteem.”

Once we went for a couple’s massage and everyone at the spa stared at us. Another time we were at the supermarket and the cashier thought Brian was my son. We laughed about it afterwards

Patty soon grew tired of their vulgar messages.

The next day, another young guy Brian popped up on her phone.

Patty says: “Unlike the others, he wanted to get to know me and asked about my kids.

“He was so sweet. I told him I was 52 and he said he was 26.

“Stunned, I replied that I was old enough to be his mother! But he didn’t care.”

Despite Patty being 26 years older, the pair met up the next week.

Patty says: “Brian walked into the bar and I saw he had long, shaggy black hair and looked like he was in a rock band.

“He was gorgeous and I felt a connection straight away.

“After chatting I realised he was close to my son’s age but we both laughed it off.

“Soon we were making out and because of our age gap, it felt naughty. In a good way!”

Terrified of their families finding out, Patty and Brian met up at a week later in secret.

Patty says: “I couldn’t invite Brian over as I lived with my two kids, both in their 20s. Brian lived with his parents too.

“So we booked a hotel and that night, we slept together. It was so passionate.

“After that, every week we met a hotel and I lied to my son and daughter. Each time, I told them I was seeing a friend.

“After years of boring missionary, Brian opened my eyes to a new world. He brought out sex toys and all the latest moves.

“And unlike older men, he cared more about my needs than his own. He made me feel so young again.”

Months later, Patty and Brian fell in love and became a couple.

But soon after, they began receiving dirty looks and comments from strangers.

Patty says: “Once we went for a couple’s massage and everyone at the spa stared at us.

“Another time we were at the supermarket and the cashier thought Brian was my son. We laughed about it afterwards.

“My friends on the other hand congratulated me on bagging such a young man, which was nice.

“But I still couldn’t bring myself to tell my children as I was worried about how they’d react.”

My daughter was in tears (when she found out). She couldn’t believe how long I’d lied to her

The couple continued their secret relationship.

It wasn’t until two years later, on Halloween in 2020, when Patty’s children found out.

Patty says: “I took photos of me dressed as a sexy French maid and Brian as a lion.

“I went to send some to my friends but I accidentally sent it to my daughter.

“Freaking out, I quickly called her and had to admit everything. She was in tears. She couldn’t believe how long I’d lied to her.

“I promised to end the relationship as I didn’t want to disappoint her but she said she was happy if I was. I’d never been so relieved.

“Days later I came clean to my son too and he didn’t mind either. He just felt bad for me living a double life.”

The couple have been together for four years.

Patty says: “Last year we finally told Brian’s parents, who are a similar age to me.

“They were very shocked and needed time to get their heads around it.  

“But now his mum says she gets along with me better than his past girlfriends.

“Brian and I have been through a lot but we have come out the other end stronger than ever.”

Brian says: “I’d always been attracted to older women. I value someone’s wisdom and mindset over their age.

“When I first saw Patty, she out-shone every woman I’d ever met. I was completely unphased about how old she was.

“Being with someone 26 years older than me has been so fulfilling.

“Patty teaches me things every day and we both learn things about each other’s generation.

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“For a long time, I did worry about what my family would think. They are very traditional and conservative. But the secret aspect of it all made it so exciting too.

“Not a single second feels wasted with Patty. I love her so much.”

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