I made £30k selling sex and used it towards my wedding, I rarely fancied the men but the were so simple it didn’t matter | The Sun

A WOMAN, who made money as a sex worker in her 20s, revealed that she saved £30k to pay for her wedding by charging men for romps.

The woman, who kept her identity anonymous, said that she rarely fancied the blokes she was in bed with but that on the whole they were nice.

Taking to Mumsnet, the woman invited questions about her former career.

She simply said: "I was paid for sex in my 20s, ask me anything."

One person asked: "Do you have regrets or long term issues because of it?"

To which she replied: "Honestly, I don't have regrets because it opened up a life to me of living with more money that I'd ever been used to.

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"I'm not sure whether I have long term issues – not really. I still like men, I was always treated nicely and they are quite simple mostly."

She explained that it wasn't her only work, but a way of topping up her income.

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The woman said: "It was a regular thing. I had a day job, and then worked for about six years in total – averaging probably three clients a week."

She explained that she commanded a fee of £180 to £200 per hour for her services and was once given a £1k tip by a man who thought it would help her to stop.

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The woman said that she started in order to make ends meet as, despite having a degree, she wasn't well paid in her day job.

When it came to leaving it was a relationship that made her think it was time to pack it in.

She said: "[What] prompted me to stop was a relationship with a guy (non client) that got serious and marriage was on the cards. I was 29. Although I didn't end up marrying him I never went back."

She confirmed that she virtually never fancied her clients and had to fake the attraction to make them feel wanted.

The woman said: "Most of the time I didn't find them attractive. I was working hard to make them feel nice though and feel good about themselves."

The former sex worker shared the safety measures she had in place to make sure she stayed safe.

She said: "I worked for a very good agency. I got a mixture of regulars and new clients.

"I always worked through the agency for safety and my clients never had my telephone number.

"But a lot of girls would give their clients their private number and cut out the agency fee."

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She also said that her first ever client was a man who had an agreement with the agency that he would always be the first booking for new girls.

She said: "A gentleman had an arrangement with the owner and always seemed to be a new girl's first client. He was quite nice."

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