I made over my guest bathroom for $250 including a $60 Target decor buy – people call BS but I think that's a compliment | The Sun

A BUDGET lifestyle influencer has revealed how she renovated her guest bathroom for only $250.

Some people accused her of lying, but the DIY expert took it as a compliment.

TikToker Jess Maples (@jessmapes) faced skepticism over her video, even though it's not her first budget-friendly renovation.

She previously spent $230 transforming an entire bathroom with deals from Amazon.

Before Jess added her personal touch to the new bathroom — which was all-white — it appeared sterile.

It had no color except for a blush-colored mat by the tub.

Jess revamped the guest bedroom by adding contrast, texture, and movement.

She painted the top half of the walls black — with the shade black suede from Behr — and left the bottom white.

The DIY pro painted the vanity cabinets pastel sky blue, adding black hardware and a black faucet.

Jess replaced the old square mirror with a wooden-framed round one.

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For the last big transformation, she used a black-and-white diamond pattern to change the floor.

Her money-saving tip was that the floor is peel-and-stick.

The influencer also added two wooden shelves above the toilet.

She accessorized the rest of the bathroom with a black bathmat, black-and-white hand towels, and a black-and-white shower curtain.

Most people in the comments section were dubious that Jess stayed in her $250 budget.

"I hate to be 'that person' but I call BS on it being $250," a cynic wrote.

But Jess took it in stride, answering: "This is the highest form of a compliment tbh."

Another wanted to know more about where Jess purchased the fixtures.

"This is the wood frame mirror for $60 at Target. But I used a $50 gift card so out of pocket I only spent $10," the creator explained.

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