I nabbed loads of ASOS’s new Spring line – it's full of stuff you’ll need this season, there’s no way I’m gatekeeping it | The Sun

A TRENDY fashion lover has shared her successful haul from ASOS, with heaps of must-have bits for the Spring season.

The dreadful winter is finally gone, which means it's time to ditch the heavy coats and replace them with lighter and more joyful garments.

If you're looking to replenish your wardrobe with stylish bits, best get heading to ASOS – their latest collection has been a hit amongst social media users.

One of those who couldn't stop raving about her shopping haul was TikTok fan Isabella (@isabellap_x) – she was so delighted with the finds, she wasn't going to gatekeep them.

Isabella, who took to TikTok to demonstrate the try-on, started off the video with a sexy black sheer turtleneck top with a print.

The stunner decided to pair this with the on-trend low-rise bottoms in black and a sleek bun, making for a polished streetwear look.


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Another black must-have staple she managed to get her hands on was a flowy sleeveless top with an asymmetrical cutout detailing around the waist.

Whilst revealing the fashion finds, Isabella also showed off two crop tops – one in black and one in white – that are easily styled with just about anything.

In her clip, the trendy style enthusiast decided to rock these with white leg denim bottoms in a light wash and a 90s-inspired long denim coat.

The last outfit Isabella rocked to her 5.7k fans on the app was a mesh top with a blue and orange print, as well as maxi denim skirt with a front slit.

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Fellow style lovers flocked to comments, where numerous people thanked Isabella for sharing the haul.

''We love a non-gatekeeping queeeeeen [sic],'' said one.

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''Girl, tag every piece pls. They are all stunning,'' a second begged.

''The denim trench,'' someone else couldn't get over the jean coat.

''The first outfit,'' a fourth was amazed by the stylish finds.

Speaking of ASOS, did you know what the four famous lettersactually stand for?

“The name ASOS is an acronym for ‘As Seen on Screen’,” the ReadTheFactz account wrote on Twitter.

In fact, when ASOS was found back in 2000, it was intended to be a place that TV and movie fans could turn to to find replicas of the outfits they'd seen on their screens.

Several years later, the company decided to go just by their acronym, as they began to sell other clothes as well.

After learning the origin of ASOS' name, fashion fans took to social media to express their shock over the discovery.

"Never knew ASOS stands for ‘As Seen On Screen’. Why am I so behind on things?" one person wrote.

"I just learned ASOS means ‘As Seen on Screen’ and originally sold clothes seen on TV shows," another added.

As a third commented: "Do the kids know that ASOS is actually an acronym for As Seen on Screen?

"And it used to be entirely focused on stocking versions of clothes you’d seen in films or on popular shows."

"Did anyone else not know 'ASOS' is an an acronym for 'As seen on screen'???" another wrote.

As someone else questioned: "Asos is an acronym??!!!!"

"Unrelated: today I found out that the full meaning of ASOS is As Seen On Screen," another person commented.

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"I never imagined that ASOS was an acronym."

"I was today years old when i discovered ASOS was an acronym for As Seen On Screen," someone else marvelled.

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