I owe my life to Only Fans – selling raunchy pics funded life-saving treatment, buying a house and I make £4,000 a month

SACKED from her job and suffering from a mystery illness which left her unable to eat, desperate Rachael Huckle, 34, turned to Only Fans to make a quick buck.

Flash forward three years and the 34-year-old from Wrexham, Wales is healthier than she's ever been after her raunchy pictures funded a life-saving diagnosis and treatment.

Rachael now makes £4,000 a month from her online persona Ivy Tenebrae, for which she dresses up in skimpy outfits inspired by cartoons and fictional characters, and has even managed to buy a house.

She told how her condition baffled doctors and caused her to waste away to just 4st.

Rachael struggled for almost 10 years to get a diagnosis, until her profits from Only Fans enabled her to see a private doctor.

She was then diagnosed with the rare autoimmune disease pemphigus, which she now has under control with steroids and immune suppressant medication.

The condition caused painful blisters to erupt throughout Rachael's digestive system including her mouth, nose, throat and bowel – making it difficult for her to eat and swallow. 

Rachael told The Sun: "I owe my life to Only Fans, it literally saved me.

"I'm so grateful to my fans and everything they've done for me.

"I honestly woke up every day thinking I was going to die. 

"The condition left me unable to eat, swallow and several times I woke up unable to breathe.

“Thanks to selling raunchy pictures, I've not only been able to get private treatment for a rare condition but I’ve been able to afford a property.

“It’s truly changed my life.”

'I spent Christmases and birthdays in hospitals'

Rachel was first admitted to hospital when she was nine years old after getting persistent kidney infections.

She also experienced pain in her throat while eating and had difficulty swallowing, and at one point was mistakenly diagnosed with anorexia when her weight plummeted.

“It felt there was something permanently in my throat and it was incredibly painful to swallow," Rachael recalled.

"I was there for all of my teens – I spent Christmas and birthdays in hospitals.”

Rachael spent the next nine years of her life in hospital because no one could diagnose her "mystery" illness.

"The fear of eating caused a fear of food, and I was diagnosed with anorexia," she explained.

“I was referred to specialists all over the country and no one could work out what was wrong.”

Over the years Rachael's health continued to decline and it affected her everyday life. 

She experienced severe exhaustion, joint pain and swelling in her face and tongue that would leave her unable to speak.

'Some days I couldn't get out of bed'

Rachel was rushed into hospital several times and had to carry around an epi-pen in case her condition was due to an allergy.

Eventually she became unable to work and lost her job as a legal executive at a legal firm – so she turned to the saucy website.

"Some days I couldn't get out of bed," she recalled.

“I lost my job because I was constantly unwell and couldn't figure out why. 

“I had absolutely no quality of life and I was in so much pain I thought I was going to die.”

Rachael had heard of Only Fans, a content subscription service that allows fans to buy creators' content – including raunchy photos and videos. 

With modelling experience under her belt, Rachael set up a page in the hope of making some extra cash – and couldn't believe the response she got from her profile.

“My niche is a cross between modelling and cosplay,” she explained. 

“I hand-make a lot of my own costumes of video games characters which get a huge following.

"The website has a reputation for being extremely scandalous in nature. 

"However, it's more than that – it's a community and a place to meet like-minded people."

'I was in a dark place – Only Fans rescued me'

Since starting her page in 2019, Rachel has amassed 300 followers.

She now makes on average £4,000 a month selling photos of herself in sexy superhero costumes and is in the top three per cent of creators on the site.

Thanks to the money she made, Rachael was able to pay for private treatment and finally get to the bottom of her illness.

She was diagnosed with pemphigus in 2014, and although she still experiences "flare ups", she has been able to control her symptoms better with the correct treatment.

Rachael said: "I'm earning more than I could ever have dreamed of for a person in my position. 

"The community on the site is vibrant, warm and loving. 

"There has been huge positivity around the people who have supported me in exchange for the content.

"It's helped me recover mentally from some very dark places. 

"People might say I'll regret sharing provocative pictures in later life but I say I'm grateful for living now. 

"There is no way I have any regrets – the website and the fans saved my life."

Last month Only Fans content creators were left fuming when the site revealed it was banning porn on the platform.

It was announced that the subscription content service would be banning sexually explicit videos starting in October.

OnlyFans — which was founded by Timothy Stokely in 2016 — said that the upcoming changes were due to pressure from banking partners and payment providers.

But it caused such an uproar among sex workers that the site quickly reversed its decision.

OnlyFans model Courtney Tillia told The Sun that she felt "betrayed" after creators were kept in the dark about the proposed ban.

Special education teacher turned model Courtney said she and other creators learned of OnlyFans' new guidelines through the news and not from the platform itself.

Courtney, who is among the top 0.03 percent of creators on the platform, said she suspected such a thing might happen as "we’ve known about OnlyFans trying to get investors and 'clean up' their image," but she was still taken aback.

"It’s literally awful. It’s betrayal. It’s abandonment," she said.

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