I paid 13p for a random tattoo as part of a Friday 13th promotion – it was a gamble picking a design from a lucky dip | The Sun

A TATTOO fan and mum of four has revealed the 13p tattoo she chose after a five hour wait.

Zaffron shared her journey in a TikTok video online. 

She said: “Hey TikTokers, come with me and get a 13p tattoo.”

Zaffron said even though she arrived early there was a already long queue of customers excited to get 13p tattoos.

She said: “So here we are, we arrived at 9.40 and the queue was insane already. It was freezing cold.”

“So I had to go and run in and get a coffee, wrapped a blanket round my legs because we were down by the coast and it had a bitter chill.”

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Despite waiting 5 hours Zaffron still decided to go for it. 

“Looked it re-questioned my judgement then and saw how busy it was but for 13p yeah I had to go for it.”

Zaffron decided to choose her tattoo through a lucky dip. 

“I chose the lucky dip and ended up getting the ugly ducking which was so cute.” 

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“I absolutely am so happy I got him and yeah all in all we waited five hours and this was the result of what I got.”

In the end Zaffron was very happy with her tattoo which she got on her leg. 

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“Was he worth it? Hell yes.”

Zaffron’s video gained over 327,000 views with many viewers jealous they had missed out on such a bargain. 

One user said: “I hope you gave them a good tip for that price.”

Another said: “Friday the 13th flash days are the best!”

A third viewer said: “He’s so cute.”

Turns out Keepsake Tattoo hold regular events on Friday 13th but this year they took their tradition a step further. 

Roger Clark from Keepsake Tattoo said: 

“We are a tattoo shop steeped in tradition, so we often hold events on Friday 13th, charging £13 for tattoos. This year, we decided to switch things up and charge 13p instead. 

We had a feeling it would be busy, but the day was far busier than expected, with hundreds of people turning up.

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Holding these events costs us a lot of money, but is a great way to give back to the community that supports us so loyally. Everyone has a great time, customers and tattooers alike.

We will be doing another event in October. This one will be even bigger!”

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