I paid £8.2k for a mummy makeover – it was much more painful than childbirth AND I’ve still got loose skin on my belly | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed she had a mummy makeover in the hope of losing the loose skin she had on her belly – but was left in shock at just how painful the procedure was. 

A mum-of-three, known on TikTok as @mommashive, explained that she lost 120lbs after having children, but was not happy with her body, so decided to get a ‘mummy makeover’.

However, she revealed that she spent £8,250 on the cosmetic procedures, but has still got lose skin on her belly.

She took to the social media app to show off her body after going under the knife and shared a video with the caption ‘We made it!’.

She explained that she had a tummy tuck, a type of liposuction and a breast lift, as she said: “We have made it, we are one month post-op.

“Tummy tuck, taking off 10lbs of skin after losing 120 pounds, breast lifts with skin removal on my breasts, no implants and they look fire.

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“This [stomach] is what we’re still struggling with.

“Some people, they come out of surgery and their [belly is] flat, maybe just have a little bit of swelling, but they’re ok, some people end up like me, some people end up worse.

“So I’m documenting this and showing that not all tummy tucks are the same, because mine definitely is not.

“If you can see all this [loose skin], I’m not flat, however, it is very numb and it is full of fluid.

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“You can feel the fluid in my belly, it’s not just fat hanging off my belly – yes, there might be some fat but I’m telling you, this is bloated.

“I’m still a little sore to the touch, nothing crazy but I’m still feeling a bit of pain when I’m getting lymphatic massages.

“I’m having my husband do them, he watched a whole bunch of videos and planned for this month.

“I finally am using scar tape because my incisions are looking better, so that is on me today.

“It’s still a bit exhausting to do certain things – putting on my faja [post-surgery garment], I feel like I’m out of breath.

“When I put my faja on, my body is snatched, everyone immediately can tell that I got surgery done, so it feels really good.

“My stomach is still numb, it's a tingly weird sensation.

“Overall, month one has been good, I went into a tummy tuck thinking I’d be back to work in ten days, everything would be fine.

“I went to work three days after having a baby and one week after having a baby before (I’ve had multiple children), so I thought this was gonna be a breeze – nothing.

“The pain after the first three days – I’d rather go through birth multiple times.

“It’s a lot more difficult than I thought, the recovery at the beginning was not a pretty sight, I was a vegetable for two weeks.

“So I’m doing much better now.” 

In a follow-up clip, the mother went into detail about the pricing of her surgery.

She explained: “I went to Miami, it’s not very far from me – it was about $10,000, that was a tummy tuck, it came with lipo of the flanks, which is the sides, I didn’t even know I needed that but it was included.

“I had a breast lift and then they took off the extra skin.” 

TikTok users were very complimentary of the mum’s new body and shared their advice in the comments. 

One person said: “You should ask your surgeon to try to drain the fluid out, they can do that with a needle and you’ll feel SO MUCH BETTER.” 

Another added: “You look amazing! I wish I could afford the surgeries.”

A third commented: “I’ve read that the swelling can take a few months to go completely down. 💕. You look great!” 

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Whilst someone else noted: “You need to find a certified lymphedema therapist to perform self manual lymphatic drainage!

"Will definitely help with the swelling and speed up the healing process.” 

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