I paid $88 for Kim Kardashian's viral Skims dress & there was a major problem | The Sun

A CONTENT creator filmed a try-on video for a popular Skims dress and revealed that she found a major issue with it.

Hoping to see if the Skims Soft Lounge Cut Out Long Slip Dress, $88, fit well on her petite figure, Dani, who goes by the TikTok handle @AdventureswithDani, was shocked by what she found instead.

The words “SKIMS FAIL” were splayed across the screen for the entire video.

“I bought the Skims dress and I’m gonna try it on because I always see it on super tall people, and I am scraping 5'2", so let’s see,” Dani said.

This cut-out option is the newer version of the viral Skims long slip dress. The crewneck style has two asymmetrical cutouts and straps across the neckline and down the right shoulder opening.

Dani ripped open the cardboard Skims packaging and inner sealed plastic bag, warning people not to tear it like she did so they don't cut their receipt.

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Then Dani held up the black maxi dress.

The video cut to her partially wearing the dress, resting above her hips while she still wore her sweatpants.

“Yo, I bought an $88 dress and it comes with a frickin' hole!” she exclaimed.

Dani showed off the torso of the dress and a small hole under the shoulder cutout seam. She was able to poke her finger through the rip.

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“Skims fail,” Dani said, adding: “I’m not even gonna show you the rest,” before cutting her video short.

In her video caption, Dani wrote: “I feel like I shouldn’t be surprised or disappointed but I am – Skims do better!”

People were stunned at the quality of the dress Dani received, especially with its brand reputation and $88 price tag.

“Mine ripped after 3 uses,” one person commented, while another wrote, “Try the Amazon dupe!”

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Luckily for Dani, Skims redeemed itself.

“A little update… Skims refunded me and let me keep or donate the dress so we [are] good.”

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