I put on 15 STONE when I was pregnant with twins, now I look so great people always want to know my weight loss tips

A WOMAN has revealed that she put on 15 STONE when she was pregnant with twins.

TikTok user Vanessa Karlowitsch shared before and after photos and people were amazed at the comparison.

She wrote: “This was me before I got pregnant with twins, and this was me after my twin pregnancy.”

At her peak, she weighed 410lb and showed her weight gain as a result of her pregnancy.

On her @revangevanessa account, she said: “But I had a chance to do something, for my children, for my health, for myself, for a better life.

“After 7 months I have already lost 171lb, I will pull through because my life is worth it.”

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Vanessa showed how she has shifted a large amount of the weight she gained, but has been left with excess skin as a result.

However, she is determined to prove everyone wrong and shift the final pounds.

She explained in a second video: “My whole family suffers from a metabolic disorder that makes it difficult for us to lose weight and our bodies have a hard time burning fat.

“I never gave up because I don’t want to be fat anymore.

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“My doctor recommended that I do a gastric bypass this time so I can't gain so much weight again because a certain hormone escapes during the bypass, which can normalise the metabolism a bit.

“The gastric bypass operation is now almost nine months ago and I was able to lose 85kg/187lb through sport, a healthy diet and the help of a bypass.”

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Many people shared their support in the comments, with one saying: “Women don’t get enough credit for what our bodies go through during pregnancy. I hope u get yourself back.”

Another added: “I'm so sorry this happened to you, you are so strong! You're an amazing mother.”

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