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A COUPLE who have been living in a van has said they have no plans of moving out any time soon. 

The traveller says she quit her job to start a new life have shared exactly how they make money while living in a van.

“We’re not in our third year of living in a van so here’s our story of how we got here.”

Kayli King explained both her and her partner had full time jobs before they started travelling. 

“Back in 2020 I was working as a teacher. Logan was working from home and all three of us were living in an apartment in Omaha Nebraska.”

The traveller said she had plans of travelling abroad for a year but then the pandemic hit.

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She said: “I had actually planned to do a year of travel abroad but well you know what happened.” 

“So we shifted gears and bought a van a week after deciding that's what we wanted to do.

Kayli revealed it took them a whole year to build a home in their van

“We then spent a year building out our home from a completely learning how to do electrical work propane plumbing and word-working all from YouTube and blogs." 

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“Almost a year after buying the van we moved out of our apartment and into the man full time."

Kayli said she quit her job and makes money from her online income streams whilst her partner continues working from home. 


She said: "I had quit teaching saying I would be back after just one year and Logan continued to work from the van.”

The couple say they had only planned to live in the van for a year but have now been there for three years. 

Kayli said: “We really started this journey thinking we would only be here for one year and now we're beginning year three.

Both Kayli and her partner now have a lot of down time to enjoy their travels. 

“I now have no plans to go back to teaching and make an income from running our social platforms." 

“After working 50 to 60 hour weeks in the van for the first two years Logan is now on sabbatical 

Since moving in the couple have made many changes to their home on wheels. 

Kayli said: “We've renovated and repainted our little home multiple times

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The couple have no plans of leaving their van home anytime soon. 

Kayli said: “We’ve travelled fast, travelled slow, made amazing friends, started a handful of new outdoor hobbies and have truly fell in love with living on the road. As of now there's no end date in sight and we're thankful to be able to continue living this life.” 

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