I refused to invite my friends to my Christmas party after they married, some say I'm 'petty' but I have a good reason | The Sun

A HOST has revealed the reason they refused to invite two pals to their Christmas party – and some have called it petty.

Reddit user Throwra_notinvite has hosted the same festive bash every year for the last ten years.

The party has been such a success it has seen two people meet and later tie the knot.

But Throwra was shocked to learn they weren't invited to the wedding – and is now refusing to welcome the couple to any more parties.

The disgruntled Reddit user wrote: "When I was sending around my party invitations this year, I didn't see any reason to invite them back if they didn't think I wasn't worthy of making their [wedding] guest list.

"I have known them both for years, basically introduced them, and they literally announced their engagement at my home."

Throwra added they were told the couple was "very upset" they had not been invited to the Christmas party as it is "something they consider special" and "they think I'm being petty".

But despite being told the wedding was a small do, Throwra insisted there were "probably 200 people there".

And they added: "I didn't make a stink about it or anything, but I don't see why I should welcome them into my home again after being snubbed like that."

Users were quick to comment on the post, with many supporting Throwra's decision.

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One person said: "You can invite and not invite whoever you want without any reason.

"And if they want one: it is a smaller party this year."

Another wrote: "100 per cent this.

"If the event was so special to them than they would associate it with you as well as a special friend and would have invited you."

Someone else commented: "It was their wedding and they had no obligations to invite op, the same way op has no obligations to invite them.

"No hard feelings just having a more intimate party this year."

Someone else added: "Petty though? Hell yeah. And I respect you for that."

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