I spent $5,861 on Skims x Swarovski, trolls came for me but life’s too short to be cheap, you'd splash out if you could | The Sun

A LUXURY-LOVING fashionista, who splashed out £5,861 on her sparkly shopping haul has been fending off infuriated trolls.

They were unimpressed and made their feelings known. But they picked on the wrong lady.

Her penchant for Skims x Swarovski remains undiminished, regardless of what the keyboard warriors might say.

As far as Christian Chanel (@christianchanel) was concerned, life was too short to be cheap.

And anyway, she figured if her critics had the cash they would splash out too: "If you could afford it you probably would too."

Chantel has 87,000 followers on her TikTok, a celebration of “beauty, luxury, lifestyle, glamour.”

In this post, viewers were offered a peep into her luxurious, opulent life. She made no attempt to hide how much she spent or how much she enjoyed the results.

“I paid almost $3,000 for the Swarovski Skims collection and baby, let me tell you, I regret nothing," she said.

She practically cleared the shelves when she went shopping.

“They only had the black color [dress] available which was cool. But when I say I took one of everything, I sold them the hell out.

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“So whoever came after me, sorry. The quality is amazing. I literally love Kim."

Christian was a flag waver for Kim Kardashian, her shapewear enterprise, and its twinkling partnership with Swarovski: "I’m just so proud of her."

But Christian's posts attracted some criticism. The attack on her wallet staggered many.

One commenter was typical of many others: “$3,000 for the rhinestones to come off in the washer is crazy.”

But this fashion fan came fighting back, with a big surprise: she had actually spent $5,861.

“A lot of people came at me for paying $3,000 for the Swarovski Skims collection, but you actually don’t know if I paid closer to $5,000, maybe even more."

It was her money and she didn't feel the need to justify how she spent it.

“One thing about me, I live the soft life, I live the luxury life, I live the life of leisure. A little bit of work here and there.

“And I like good quality things and good quality pieces."

There was nothing wrong with dupes she said, they just weren't for her.

She reasoned if others were in her position, they would do exactly the same: "If you could afford you probably would too."

“I’m always been a glamorous girl and a label whore. And you know what, I’m not even ashamed of that.

“Most importantly I have always loved Skims and I feel like why not support the original creator of something versus the company that steals, knocks off, and tries to do replicas."

She was ready to silence her critics: “Now, if you can’t afford it and you have to get the more affordable option, I understand. But if it’s just out of spite, I do understand that.

“Life is too short to be cheap. It’s closer to $5,000 [she spent] and I get my delicates dry cleaned.”

The reaction to her post was enormous, attracting over 816,000 likes.

Commenters had a lot to say.

“I’ve never thought Swarovski would look this cheap," said one person pithily.

Another said: “I’ll just wait for Shein to release a dupe for $12."

But she had her supporters too: “Looks cheap? Is crazy. People must not know how much Swarvoski crystals shine and twinkle especially at night time. That dress is smoking.”

There were even more fans: “The only collection I would buy, you got the right body for Skims. I love everything by Swarovski.”

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Some understanding here too: “If she can afford it what’s the problem?”

And you get what you pay for, according to this viewer: “Skims is so worth money. Dupes don’t measure up.”

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