I spent $75k dying my hair but now I'm fully gray at 50 – I still look young, people mistake me for my son's girlfriend | The Sun

A woman who spent $75,000 dying her hair for 25 years has finally embraced her silver locks.

Now Kathy Wilson, 50, says strangers think she looks so young that they mistake her son for her boyfriend.

Kathy was “mortified” and "freaked out" when she found her first gray hair at age 17.

“I just started plucking out the gray hairs with tweezers,” said the Dallas, Texas, resident.

She started dying it in her 20s to “hide” her sliver roots and spent the next 25 years “covering” her natural graying hair.

“I spent a good $200-250 dollars every time I got it done," she said. “I was going every two to three weeks.”

All in all, it cost her $3,000 a year.

By her 40s, Kathy would find herself touching up her roots with box dye every Saturday, as she was “self-conscious” about what people would think of her hair.

“I always felt I had to hide it. Always felt like I was doing it to make sure no one saw it," she said.

“I couldn’t put my hair in a ponytail. I was so self-conscious about what people would think of it.”

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But during the pandemic, Kathy started following other "silver sisters" online to build up the courage to embrace her own gray locks.

She was also spurred on by the loss of her dad, Jimmie Wilson, 83, in 2020 — who she said had the “most beautiful white hair.”

Kathy said: "I looked in the mirror and it hit me. I just thought, ‘Why are you doing this? Is it because society tells you to?'

“I still had the box dye open and I decided — I’m not doing this anymore.

"My dad was my hero. He taught us to be fearless and that anything was possible.

"I wish he could see my hair now."

She initially found the transition “weird” but now she feels “empowered” and is her “full self.”

Kathy, who also proudly shows off her growing collection of 17 tattoos, says strangers even mistake her son, Zach Davis, 28, for her brother or boyfriend.

“People think my son is my brother or that we are dating," she said.

“I don’t feel what 50 should feel like. I’m my full self since embracing my gray.

"This is me. I’m a rebel.

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“The older I get I think, ‘What does Kathy want that’s not going to hurt anybody?’

“I’m in the best place.”

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