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A WOMAN has revealed that she spent a whole day in IKEA and made sure to taste all of the food so you don’t have to.

So if you’ve got a trip to IKEA planned and aren’t sure whether to get the meatballs or the hot dog, or indulge on the chocolate cake or the Daim cake, 25-year-old Karissa is here to share her thoughts on the cheap treats. 

The food fan took to social media to show off the chain’s snacks, as she said: “Only eating at IKEA for a full day.

“Everyone knows the best thing about IKEA is the food.”

Karissa first tried a cinnamon roll, which she rated 9.5 out of ten.

She explained: “Look at how fluffy and warm these cinnamon rolls were and it smelled so good.

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“It was super soft and honestly, it's sugary, but weirdly not too sweet.

“And it has this pillowy texture, kind of like a brioche.”

After this, Karissa moved on to the huge pretzel with mustard, which she thought was an 8.5 out of ten.

She added: “And then look at how massive this pretzel was. And the mustard was thick.

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“It had those big crunchy pieces of salt. and the mustard was strong, for sure, but also really flavourful and tangy.”

However, the ratings then went down slightly, as Karissa moved onto a hot dog, which she described as 6.5 out of ten.

She noted: “I also got a hot dog, which wasn't bad, but it's no Costco hot dog.

“It's a little smaller, just not quite as good.

“After lots of shopping, we headed off to the food court for the real reason we came – the meatballs.”

The IKEA fan tucked into a huge plate of meatballs, which she rated a solid ten out of ten.

She claimed: “Look at this gorgeous plate – the gravy is so shiny and buttery and really creamy.

“The meatballs are juicy and perfectly salty.

“And that really sweet, tart Lingonberry jam, with the fluffy mashed potatoes is heavenly.

“And I also got some desserts.”

She then tried a Chokladboll, which she gave a nine out of ten, as she explained: “I have no idea what this was called, but it was covered in chocolate and it tasted like cookie dough.

“It was really thick, too, honestly delicious.”

However, moving onto the chocolate cake, she gave it a poor score of five, as she continued: “The chocolate cake was a little disappointing, it wasn't super moist or super chocolatey.”

After this, she tried her favourite thing of the day – the Daim cake – which she gave a generous 11 out of ten.

She beamed: “But the best thing was this Daim cake. 

“It had this crunchy almond brittle and this sweet milk chocolate and this amazing caramel flavour.

“You have to try it.”

Finally, Karissa grabbed a cheeky ice cream for her journey, which she rated a seven out of ten.

She concluded: “And on the way out, I got some ice cream which was really soft and really smooth too.

“So refreshing cause it's super hot out here.”

Karissa’s TikTok clip, which was posted under the username @karissaeats, has clearly impressed many, as it has quickly gone viral and has racked up a staggering 2.9 million views and 403,900 likes. 

One person said: “Ohhh my gosh I love IKEA food!!!!!”

Another added: “The Daim cake is insane.”

A third commented: “Hands down the IKEA hot dogs are my favourite.”

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Whilst someone else noted: “IKEA meatballs are everything.”

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