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NOW that the weather has taken a turn, many of us will be starting to experience that annoying condensation that gathers on the windows round our homes. 

It comes about when the warm, humid air inside your home contacts the cool, frosty glass – water vapour deposits on the surface, and you get that annoying steamed up and damp effect.

And it shouldn’t be ignored: a build up of moisture can even result in mould developing – and no one wants that!

But if it is something that you’re struggling with, fear not: home whizzes on Facebook have shared the £10 buy that they reckon is a lifesaver for the colder months. 

The tip was shared in the 330k-member Facebook group Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips, where people share their simple hacks and tricks inspired by the popular influencer. 

Writing on the page, one user shared a screenshot of the tesamoll Thermo Cover Window Insulating Film, asking: “Anyone used this and found it helped with window condensation? I feel like I’ve tried and exhausted all other options…” 

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The product sells on Amazon for less than £10, and is essentially a transparent foil designed for single-pane windows that you can simply cut to size and stick in place. 

According to the product description, the film is designed to help insulate windows meaning “radiators and heaters don’t have to work so hard to create a warm living space with pleasant temperatures” – so you energy bills should drop. 

And according to members of the Facebook group, the product is an absolute must-buy if condensation is something that you usually struggle with. 

“I’ve used them before on single-pane windows and they definitely stopped the condensation,” one user wrote. “Tbf, they were my lifesaver in the winter months as it kept the heat in/ cold out.” 

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Free hacks get rid of condensation on windows without a dehumidifier

Another agreed that they certainly “make my old windows much warmer”, but noted that for large windows it’s “a two person job to install”. 

If you’re looking for other ways to tackle condensation in your home, group members also shared some free hacks that apparently stymie the damp. 

You can try placing a bowl of salt near your windows – the mineral has absorptive properties, meaning it should remove some of the moisture from the air. 

And of course you can always opt for a dehumidifier: group members rave about the Meaco gadgets which can help with everything from drying washing to treating mould. 

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