I tried my old prom dresses decades later – I couldn’t even zip them up | The Sun

A WOMAN went back to her childhood bedroom and tried on her formal dresses from over a decade ago.

The 27-year-old woman tried on dresses and cheerleading uniforms that she last wore when she was 17 years old or younger.

Vanity, @vulgarvanity, a model based in Austin, Texas was visiting her parents and decided to try on her old clothing out of "sheer boredom" with her 56k followers.

The former cheerleader disclosed that "none of what I'm about to try on was designed to be comfortable."

"It was uncomfortable and tight-as-h*ll back then," she explained.

The first dress she attempted to squeeze into was a full-length, fuchsia ballgown from her junior year prom that she last wore when she was 16 years old.

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"Doesn't go up all the way but you know what? It's fine," she said, commenting on the back zipper that could not be closed.

The next piece is a light pink, sequined, shorter dress that she last wore at 8th-grade prom, back when she was 13 years old.

"This is a long, long shot but it's honestly one of my favorite dresses," she explained.

She surprisingly is able to get the dress over her body, but unfortunately, the zipper could not be closed once again.

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Next, she moves on to her senior year and junior year cheer uniforms.

"I cannot stress that these were designed to be difficult, so I can get into them, I hope that I can get out of them," she said.

Upon first impression of trying on her senior year uniform, which she last wore at age 17, she immediately noticed the way her body had changed throughout the years.

"Just first off… I know I lost my high school a** because this sh*t used to, well granted I was working out every day, but the way this used to fit," she said, pulling at her looser shorts.

After a big struggle to get out of the two-piece ensemble she moves on to the final outfit — her junior-year cheer uniform.

"I was a cheerleader for 17 years so I've had a lot of uniforms.

"This one is from my junior year so the last time I wore it, I was 16 and to date, favorite uniform I've had," she said.

She spins in the form-fitting orange and white set, showing off the way it still comfortably hugs her figure.

Her viewers could relate to her struggle, noting that their own cheer uniforms were supremely uncomfortable as well.

"I remember crying trying to get out of my uniforms lol, that was in elementary and decided to never join again," said one.

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Another shared how she could repurpose her uniforms after Vanity shared how expensive a sport cheerleading could be.

"I recycle old cheer uniforms for athletes in need if you want to part with them," said another.

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