I used to work at TK Maxx – here's the weirdest request a male customer made… I could have broken up a marriage | The Sun

A WOMAN who worked at TK Maxx has revealed the weirdest request a male customer made that could have broken up a marriage.

Louise May worked for the popular retailer for five years and claims to have some incredible stories.

Posting on Tik Tok, the ex-worker claimed that the customers at TK Maxx were "wild" with one story in particular standing out.

Speaking about one customer, who Louise calls "Linda", the TikToker explained that she was asked to find a green vase.

The customer claimed to have seen the massive £88.99 vase before it disappeared when her back was turned.

The current Associate of the Month at the time, Louise went to look for it as she didn't want to let a customer down.

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She explained: "Anyway, I put my treasure hunting hat on and I find it in a storage basket."

After picking it up, Lou went to the escalators to give it to the customer, when the woman's husband stopped her.

According to Louise, the man said: "Don't come upstairs with that."

Louise, who had just spent 10 minutes looking for the vase, was left scratching her head over why he didn't want his wife to find it.

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The panicked man explained: "I don't want it. She's buying me it for Christmas and I don't want it. Burn it. Smash it. I don't care what you do with it. That's why I hid it."

And Louise agreed to grant his wish as long as she was left a good review.

After going back upstairs to tell the customer that she had looked everywhere to no avail and was greeted with a "huff".

Louise revealed she thought: "Linda honey, you huff at me one more time and I will end your marriage and I will give you a reason to divorce this man."

But the woman wouldn't give up despite the TikTokers using multiple excuses to try and throw her off the scent.

And Louise finally revealed: "This is when she caught me."

She claims the customer said: "You're lying. I'm in here all the time and you always have this brand."

Eventually Louise told the customer she would look out for the "weird-looking" vase in future.

And it all turned out ok for Louise in the end as the man left a "lovely review"..

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Hilariously, Louise didn't see her again until New Year's Day – when she returned with a broken green vase.

The woman demanded a refund, claiming that her husband had opened it on Christmas Day only to find it broken.

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