I wanted a dainty leaf tattoo on my finger – it looks NOTHING like I wanted but everyone is saying the same thing | The Sun

NO matter how much research you do beforehand or how many pictures you come armed with, getting a tattoo is always going to be a leap of faith.

But when TikTok user Laura booked in for a dainty leaf inking on her ring finger earlier this year, she was confident it would all to plan.

After all, how complicated could it be?

Well unfortunately for Laura, it turns out her inking wasn't quite as simple as she first thought.

In a viral video that's racked up over 184,000 views, the 21-year-old shared a picture of what she what she actually wanted from the appointment.

The inspiration photo she went in with was of a pretty lined outline of some leaves running up to the ring finger joint.

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"This is what I wanted," she wrote. "And this is what I got."

She then jumped to an image of her tattoo – featuring some VERY thick lined leaves curving around her finger.

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Calling herself a "clown", Laura said: "I was too shy to complain…"

However, viewers thought the blame probably lay with Laura – as the tattoo she wanted was more specialist than she realised.

One replied: "You go to a fine-line artist for something like that.

"Not every tattoo artist can do everything. Everyone has their speciality."

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"Finger tattoos are difficult," another added. "You should take a close look at the tattoo artists beforehand to see whether they have mastered fine lines."

"Be smarter next time," a third said. "A good studio has a wait-time of three months or more."

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