I wanted to try the local BBQ place after starting a new job – I was mortified when colleagues pointed out my blunder | The Sun

IT'S always nerve-wracking starting a new job.

So as Brit was settling in to her new position, she tried to break the ice by making a comment about the local area.

But she was left "traumatised" when her colleagues pointed out her massive blunder.

"Me telling coworkers how excited I was to try the barbecue place nearby because it smelled great outside," she wrote over a video of herself on TikTok.

"And them letting me know there was no barbecue restaurant and that smell was actually the CREMATORIUM down the street."

"WHEN I TELL YOU I WAS TRAUMATISED!!!" she captioned the video.

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The comments section was quickly filled with other people admitting they'd made a similarly wrong assumption about local crematoriums in their areas.

"Used to work across the street from a crematorium and can 100% confirm this," one wrote.

"We have a crematorium across from our school," another added.

"My students would walk out saying 'that BBQ smells good' – I don’t have the heart to tell them what it is."

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"I saw a TikTok of a person who works at a morgue and said a burnt body smells exactly like good bbq so…" a third wrote, alongside the shrugging emoji.

"I walked out of an appt once and I said wow mcdonalds smelling extra mcdonaldsy today and my sister said that's the funeral home," someone else commented.

As another added: "The crematory in town here was bought out by a bbq joint but they went under bc no one would eat there so it became a crematorium again."

"My daughter walked past a crematorium and thought a Burger King was near by," someone else added.

To which Brit replied: "when I tell you the amount of times people have *specifically* mentioned Burger King."

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