I was asked my biggest weakness at a job interview, they laughed me out the room when I replied – I didn't get the role

JOB INTERVIEWS can be daunting, especially if you're entering the world of work for the first time.

And one woman knows it all too well, TikTok user Haliyah shared her story, where it has been viewed one million times.

Haliyah, based in the UK, recalls being in her second year of university and going for a job interview.

She said the interview was going well until they asked her "what is your biggest weakness?"

She responded by saying: "Insects," which had nothing to do with the job she was applying for.

"Because that is my biggest weakness in this life."

Haliyah said they then began laughing in her face for a solid two minutes, but she didn't realise why it was funny at the time.

When she returned home, she told her sister and her auntie about the interview, who also started laughing at Haliyah's response.

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Her aunt had to explain to her why everyone was laughing as the question did not literally mean what her biggest weakness was, but that the interviewers meant in terms of working.

She said she didn't realise as she had only had two or three jobs beforehand and no one had asked her that question.

"It was a learning experience for me.

"Now I find it so funny and can't believe I said that." She added.

Users on TikTok found her story hilarious and many asked whether she did get the job.

Haliyah told users that she didn't end up getting the job in the end, even after making them laugh.

Many users said they would have hired her on the spot for her response, one wrote: "No but for real, this response is better than people who be saying, being a perfectionist."

"Nah I would have given you the job just for that." Revealed another user.

A third person said: "I mean it is a valid weakness. They asked and you answered."

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