I was fed up my cluttered life so binned everything & now live in my tiny car – I love how much money I save on rent too | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed she decided to get rid of all of her things and move into her car. 

Megan Jarett decided to move into her Hyundai car and travel around the US.

She said in a TikTok video: “So recently I decided to get rid of all of my things and move into my tiny Hyundai launcher and travel around the country.”

First Megan removed the backseats of her car to make a space she would use as a bed.

She said: “So first I took my back seats out, and then I headed to Home Depot for some plywood and other supplies to make the back seats flush with the trunk.”

Megan made her own black window covers and curtains.

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She said: “I also bought a roll of Reflectix and some cute material to make my own blackout window covers and curtains.”

“I cut them to fit my windows and then I used spray adhesive to attach the material.”

Megan placed a single mattress and sleeping pad in the back of her car to sleep on. 

“Next I put in my backpacking sleep pad and a mattress pad I got off of Amazon and some blankets and started to load all my stuff in.”

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“I have a 12 bolt fridge, a basket for toiletries and shower stuff, a basket for shoes, pantry items, and three bins of clothes.”

The traveller explained that she had decided to convert her car into a home so she could work on the road. 

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She said: “So I'm definitely still working while travelling. I'm gonna be working with a pop up dinner company.”

“They travel all over the country doing dinners. So I'm going with them.”

The traveller even mentioned she would be leaving her cat with a friend whilst she's on the road. 

Megan said she is excited to travel to the United States. 

She said: “Cannot wait to go on a road trip the country in my new little home.”

Megan admitted she would be learning about being a traveller on the go.

She said: “Have I ever done anything like this before? No. Do I know what I am doing? Also no."

Megan’s video went viral with over 12.5 million views. 

Viewers had mixed responses with some thinking it was a great idea whereas others thought the creator had lost her mind. 

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