I was fed up of throwing out stale croissants so found the laziest way to bring them back to life & they taste amazing | The Sun

DO you find that you’re always throwing out bakery products because they’ve gone stale?

A foodie duo have revealed their handy hack to bring them back to life – and they say the lazy method makes them taste even better than before.

Social media sisters Mandy and Kelsey, who run a joint TikTok account under the name @bullseyeonthebargain, shared a video where they showed their simple but effective trick in action. 

They explained: “You have to save this trick for the next time you have leftover croissants – it’s even better if they’re starting to go stale.

“Slice it open, pour some chocolate chips in and bake it.”

As they got them out of the oven after the chocolate chips had melted inside to create a sweet centre, they said: “It tastes so amazing!”

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They further sang the praises of the trick in the caption, as they hailed them some of the most delicious croissants around.

Mandy and Kelsey wrote: “I always have a few croissants leftover from my big Costco pack and this is the best way to eat them.

“Better than Starbucks chocolate croissants – let me know if you try it.”

And it didn’t take long for their social media followers to do exactly that.

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Many said they’d tried and tested the food hack – either with chocolate or other fillings – and could confirm it was a good one.

One TikToker typed: “I’ve done this – it’s actual fire.”

A second said: “Or Nutella – it melts better.”

As a third said their preferred recipe was on the even sweeter side. They suggested: “Add some marshmallows – it’s amazing.”

Meanwhile, a fourth pointed out that they preferred something more savoury, as they lifted the lid on their chosen recipe.

They explained: “I always put ham and cheese and pop it in the oven to heat it and melt the cheese. Sooooo good.”

However, others joked that they loved croissants so much that they could guarantee they’d be none going spare in their home.

One wrote: “Excuse me, leftovers? No way!”

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Another quipped: “What are left over croissants?”

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