I was heartbreakingly fat-shamed by my nine-year-old when trying on clothes – I can't help that I'm no skinny Aunt Sarah | The Sun

A MUM who was fat-shamed by her nine-year-old has revealed her heartbreak over the situation.

She explained that she'd been with her daughter trying on clothes in a changing room when the little girl started to get upset.

"She was trying on clothes and she was mad that she couldn't wear the kids' clothes," she explained in a video on her TikTok page.

"She kept calling herself fat and saying she had too big of a butt, and the other kids her age don't have to wear adult clothes."

The mum then reminded her daughter that she too had to wear adult clothes as a child, because they're a tall family.

"Then she asked me if she was going to look like me when she grew up," she continued.

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"And I asked her, 'do you mean big like me when you grow up?' and she said yes…'I'm not trying to be mean Mum, but I want to look like Aunt Sarah, not you".

The woman "kept a brave face" and then told her daughter: "As long as you're happy and healthy and you love yourself, that's all that matters, no matter what size you are."

She concluded her video by saying: "Was I hurt? Yeah, I was. But she didn't mean to hurt me – it just really sucked."

"I'm so devastated that she feels that way about herself," she wrote in the caption, alongside a broken heart emoji.

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People were quick to weigh in and offer their support, with one writing: "My daughter is currently going through this and it’s heartbreaking.

"Your words are truly inspiring!"

"I have 3 girls. they have all told me they don't want to be like me when they grow up. it hurts sometimes," another added.

"Oh mama. Thank god she feels comfortable to talk to you openly," a third commented.

"Keep supporting her momma!" someone else said.

"You’re lovely inside and out from what I can tell.

"Being that age is tough – keep preaching body positivity and self love."

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