I was sick of having useless stuff so I decided to declutter – the three things to ditch now to save space AND money

WHEN it comes to buying, it is easy to go overboard – it never feels like enough.

But, according to a cleaning whizz, there are three things to ditch right now if you want to save both space and money.

The first thing to get rid of is shaving scream.

''I like to use versatile items AKA things I can use in more than one way,'' she explained.

''I just simply use the lathering bar soap that I already wash my body with.''


Another big no-no in the household is seasonal or event clothing, as she believes different garments should be worn more than just once.

''For a Christmas party, I'll opt for a red shirt over a Christmas specific sweater.''

Last but not least, according to her, is food that people can regrow themselves, such as different vegetables and herbs.

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''Food like lettuce is easy to regrow with just a little bit of water and a little bit of time.''

Other kitchen staples that fit in the category are potatoes, ginger, cabbage and onions, just to name a few.

Viewers were also quick to share their recommendations, with one writing: ''Conditioner works as a great replacement for shaving cream & it’s got the moisturizing aspect to minimize razor burn.''

''i sugar wax when i decide to even bother removing hair,'' was another recommendation.

However, people seemed to be divided when it came to the festive clothing.

''See, I’ll buy a Christmas shirt and wear it 2-3x a year for a decade,'' wrote someone.

''My mum has about 10 christmas jumpers and wears them daily during December,'' a user commented.

''She's had most of them 6 or more years.''

Another agreed: ''I wear my Christmas sweater all year long.''

''vinyl press shirts that are a one time wear drive me bonkers,'' read another opinion on fast fashion.

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