I was sick of my patterned chair so painted it black – people think I’m crazy but my hack made it look brilliant | The Sun

WITH the cost of living so high at the moment one thing most of us will avoid replacing is furniture. 

The truth is, if it does the job then it should probably stay, otherwise you're throwing cash away.

But that doesn’t mean you can liven your furniture up a little bit.

One woman has shared her DIY fabric painted chair. 

In a video online Megan said “I painted fabric and before you freak out it actually turned out super cute."

Megan broke down her process for her followers “I started by mixing latex paint and fabric softener stick to a 50/50 ratio because I did way too much fabric softener to start and it was way too thick.”

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She said: “Then I sprayed down the fabric with a mixture of 50 percent water and 50 percent fabric softener.” 

Megan says this is a great DIY if you don’t want to reupholster an old piece of furniture. 

She said: “Then I started painting and this is a phenomenal DIY if you do not want to may to get your entire piece reupholstered or if you're looking for full leather look.”

After the first  thought she had made a big mistake. 

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She said: “This was the moment that I thought I really messed up. It was looking so streaky and I hated it.”

Megan soon found a way to get the look she wanted.

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She said: “But it really just needed a second coat of paint and it turned out perfectly.”

Megan loved the final look she said: “The final product looks like faux embossed leather to me and I absolutely love it.”

Megan concluded: “It's crack free and scratch free.”  

The video now has over 15.7 million views. 

Viewers had mixed responses.

One commenter said: “Something about painting fabric makes me feel uneasy and I can't explain why, it looks great though.” 

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A second commenter said: “It was so pretty before tho [though] that kinda hurt.”

Another said: “I’m so glad I trusted the process. Still shook that painting fabric actually worked.”

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