I wear latex leggings to work – people say I’ll either get fired or an ‘instant promotion’ | The Sun

USUALLY, if an employee arrives for work in a white button-down and black pants, nobody bats an eye.

But one woman's followers warned she may be "fired" for wearing exactly that to her job.

Latex lover Natalia Wilson (@cutedollzzz) wears the shiny material everywhere she goes, whether it's out shopping or on a date.

She even wears latex to the office, as she revealed in an eyebrow-raising video on her TikTok.

Posing in a fitted blouse and heels, Wilson's outfit looked totally office-appropriate in some areas.

But her legs were covered in shiny black latex that looked painted on.

Lip-synching to her background track, Wilson sang, "Sometimes you've got to be a little bit naughty."

She smiled and waved as she grabbed her purse and headed out the door for work.

One commenter was skeptical that her outfit would ever get a boss's okay.

"If you want to be fired, just dress like this in the office," the troll wrote.

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Luckily, Wilson didn't even need to defend herself, since other commenters did it for her.

"You said 'fired,' but are you sure you don't mean 'promoted?'" one asked.

"If you get fired, I'll hire you," a generous entrepreneur offered.

Others said she would receive an "instant promotion" or a "massive raise" the moment she clocked in.

"I would tell the other girls to dress the same, otherwise THEY will be fired," one man said.

He felt certain about his imaginary dress code. "This is so hot, who doesn't want this?" he asked.

Another said the sacrifices to workflow would be worth it.

"Production will go way down at the office," he predicted. "Guys will be drooling and women will be asking where can they get them."

There was just one commenter who took umbrage with other people's feedback.

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He made a loud and clear statement that everyone should leave Wilson alone.

"Mind your own business and let people wear what they want and what they feel comfortable in," he chastised.

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