I work in McDonald's and this is what I REALLY think of you based on what you order

EVERYONE loves a cheeky Maccies, but did you know that McDonald’s employees have theories about what kind of people order certain meals?

This employee revealed what she thinks your McDonald’s order really says about you – and people are either saying it's super accurate or downright offensive.

The employee, who goes by the name Brodyj0j0 on TikTok, shared the video with her followers.

She said: “What you look like based on your maccies order from a maccies worker.”

In the video, she showed several popular meals, and what she thinks the people who order those meals look like.

Big Mac Meals, she said, are popular with builders.

Chicken wraps, by contrast, are ordered by young men in puffer jackets and sportswear. 

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McChicken Sandwiches are most popular with “Karens”, which is a term used to describe pushy women who often make difficult customers for retail and service staff. 

Mayo Chicken sandwiches, however, are beloved by emo boys, according to Brodyj0j0.

Finally, she said Vegetable Deluxe burgers, are – unsurprisingly – popular with vegans. 

The video racked up 77,000 likes and some commenters thought the theory was totally accurate.

“As a mayo chicken lover I can agree. I am a broke emo”, one viewer wrote.

Others, however, were less convinced by Brodyj0j0’s insights.

“I disagree with the wrap, it’s always the mums who order them”, said one commenter, while another wrote: “At heart I’m a construction worker who smokes.” 

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