I work in Tesco and customers can be so rude – being on their phone is just the start, half the time they can't queue | The Sun

EVER wondered what it’s really like to work in a supermarket? 

Luckily one Tesco worker has taken to TikTok to share the truth – and reveal some of the rudest things customers do. 

Craig, known online as @craignotcreg, regularly shares entertaining videos about his supermarket job with his 602,000 followers. 

In a recent TikTok reel, the customer service assistant shares some of the most irritating things customers do – and that includes being on your phone at the checkout. 

“Here are a few things that if you do as a customer in a retail store, I’m automatically going to assume you’re a k*******. 

“Number one, being on your phone when you’re at the till. 


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“Now I’m not asking you to hang up the phone, it might be important, but at least acknowledge me. 

“I have a phone against my head right now and look what I’m doing. Acknowledging you. 

“Just a simple nod will do, or a smile, anything.  

“Number two, and sticking with the tills. Jumping the queue. 

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“Now I’m not just talking about just flat out cutting into the queue. If you do that then you are a k******* and that’s just a fact. 

“I’m talking about when you’re the fifth or sixth person in the queue, a new till opens, and you make a conscious effort to get to that till before the five people in front of you. 

“This is not the start of a Mario Kart race, Kevin. 

“A new till opening doesn’t cancel out the rules of the queue, wait your turn. 

“Especially is you’ve got a full trolley and the person in front of you has two things. Mega k*******. 

“Number three, not saying excuse me. 

“If you walk up to me and just say the thing you’re looking for without saying excuse me, I’m sending you to the wrong aisle and there’s nothing you can do about it. 

“Or, even worse, if you replace the excuse me with, ‘oy’, ‘hey, you’ or ‘a finger snap’.

“You address me with a finger snap, I’ll present you with snap fingers. 

“Number four, if you drop something off the shelf and don’t pick it up.

“Not if you’ve dropped something that’s made a mess, like glass or yogurt,  but if you’ve dropped a pack of biscuits, and you’re aware that you’ve dropped a pack of biscuits, and you do not put that pack of biscuits back, I’m throwing a pack of biscuits at your head. 

“I once called a customer out for doing this, and their response was, ‘that’s not my job’. 

“I’m not asking you to clock in, Karen, I just want you to be a decent person. 

“And finally, expecting us to do things for you. 

“Things like look out the back, get something off the top shelf, or pack your bag at the till. 

“We are more than happy to do those things – if you ask. 

“Just because we work in retail does not mean we’re mindreaders. Use your words.”

Fans loved the retail worker's honesty, with the video gaining more than 150,000 likes and 1.1 million views. 

In the comments, others shared the most irritating things customers have done to them, with one writing: “Coming in at 3 mins till closing with a trolley. No.”

Another said: “When the item doesn’t scan ‘must be free then’.

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A third added: “Leaving chilled/frozen items in random places. Putting chilled items in the freezer.”

Someone else put: “When you tell them you don't have something in stock & 2 mins later you are called for customer service for the same customer with the same question!!”

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