I worked at doggy day care – 14 breeds I'd never own, number eight looks cute but is a 'piranha' | The Sun

A DOGGY day care employee has revealed the breeds that she would never own.

Having spent almost two years working closely with canines, the woman has seen the good and the bad.

Ava (@swaggygorl69) has been sharing her love of animals with over 40,000 followers on TikTok. 

The 20-year-old, who lives in Miami, divided opinion after revealing the dog breeds that she wouldn’t own based on her experience working at the day care.

She shared a snap of herself hugging a beautiful black dog as another licked her cheek.

“Dogs I would never own after working at a doggy day care for nearly two years,” read the text over the video.

She said Bulldogs and Pugs are a “walking medical bill,” while Siberian Huskies are always anxious and scream for no reason. 

“Any dog mixed with doodle… stay away,” she said.

Ava sparked outrage by also claiming that she wouldn’t want to own a Boxer or Labrador Retriever.

From separation issues and anxiety to being “ugly." She continued the debate with a follow-up TikTok video listing more dogs that she wouldn’t own,

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The lengthy thread included a Poodle, Affenpinscher, Jack Russell Terrier, Pomeranian, Boston Terrier, Belgian Malinois and Bichon.

“Pomsky because why would you mix the two most anxious dog breeds,” she said.

Commenters quizzed Ava further about her list with one person saying that they “love” Belgian Malinois. 

“I love them too!

"Very cute dogs but they’re also piranhas and I don’t have enough energy to give them the enrichment they deserve,” she replied. 

One person wrote: “I loveeee my Malinois. They’re so incredibly smart.”

“I have a Boston and I agree [crying emoji]. That boy is so spoiled and high maintenance. 

“It takes a special person to love a Boston,” another commented.

A third said: “I had a dog that was mixed with poodle and he was the sweetest thing.”

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