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NOTHING beats a fish and chip shop dinner after a hard day of work.

But one former worker has revealed the truth behind the deep fat fryer and the order you have to steer clear of.

Jordan Luxford worked at several of the fast food restaurants over five years – even serving the popular British Friday-night dish at Wimbledon in 2019.

Now the owner of A-Star Waste Management in Sussex, he reveals all on what goes on in fish and chip shops.

Speaking to the Express, Jordan shared that once they have cooked battered products in the fryer, they always follow it with a batch of chips.

And there's a very good reason for it according to the food expert.



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“The chips help to clean the oil of the smaller batter particles that do not get removed by sieving the oil," he explained.

When it comes to what food get fried – he revealed pretty much anything goes from cod, haddock and even chocolate bars.

But after several years of seeing what gets dipped in the oil he revealed the order he would always avoid.

He added: "I would never order a fried beef burger! If you want a decent burger get it from a shop with a hot plate to cook it on.

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"If you want a freshly cooked item go for something that isn't in the glass top under the lights but we would cook anything fresh if a customer asked anyway.

"Fried chocolate bars have always been popular too. We would usually cook them for free alongside an order and as we wouldn't have the chocolate bars in stock, the customer would be asked to bring them with them and we would cook them at the same time as the rest of their order."

When Jordan first started working in fish and chip shops, he was blown away by just how much prep goes into the infamous dish.

He revealed it would take hours to get ready for a Friday night – inspecting, peeling and cutting over 20 bags of potatoes.

And that's not all – workers would also spend hours cutting the fish into portions and getting the batter ready.

In fact, Jordan recalls it would take over seven hours of prep to get ready to serve on a Friday – often starting at 10am even though the shop opened at 5:30pm.

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