I'm 18 & a mum-of-3 after having a 'surprise baby' – I smoked & drank & only realised when I saw a foot coming out | The Sun

A shocked teenager says she had 'no idea' she was pregnant until she discovered her BABY'S FOOT sticking out of her.

Faye White, 19, of Braintree, Essex, dramatically gave birth to her daughter in May this year – having assumed that her water breaking was a urine infection.

The mum-of-three had 'no baby bump' and still had regular periods in the months leading up to giving birth to her baby girl Luna-Grace Behrens, who was delivered at 37 weeks.

The teenager claims she had even taken six pregnancy tests in the six months before Luna's arrival, which all gave a negative result.

Photos and videos captured Faye as far along as six months into her cryptic pregnancy with a flat stomach and showing no obvious signs she was in the final trimester.

Oblivious to being pregnant, the mum continued to party, drink and smoke throughout as well as going on a bouncy castle – unaware that she had a baby growing inside her.

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Faye said she and partner of four years Aidan Behrens were having unprotected sex without condoms or birth control but were using the 'pull-out method' as they did not want another baby yet. 

Faye said: "We were using the pull-out method, I'm afraid, so I knew there was an element of risk.

"Life was very average until I woke up one morning to a giant gush of water and at first I didn't really think anything of it except that maybe it's a urine infection and I'll call the doctors when they open.

"My waters went around 8.20. Around 20 minutes later, the contractions started and obviously having two previous births I knew what contractions were. I called my mum-in-law and said 'I need to go to the hospital, I'm in pain'.

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"I was in shock – all I was doing was screaming. I was so confused.

"I went to the toilet because I felt this really bad pressure and there was something coming out. I waddled back into my bedroom and it turned out it was her foot. I ended up calling an ambulance.

"My mum-in-law said she could see a foot hanging out. It had literally plopped out. I was in full blown labour.

"From the moment of my waters breaking to having her was two hours, it was so quick."

Describing the 'shocking' moment her water's broke, Faye said she felt a 'giant gush of water' at around 8.20am on the morning of May 6th.

After rushing to the toilet due to a 'bad pressure', her partner's mum saw a foot sticking out of her.

The unsuspecting teen never imagined just two hours later she'd be welcoming a new baby girl to her family.

Faye, who also cares for her two-year-old sister Khaleesi, said: "I did about six pregnancy tests over the nine months and they were all negative. I took my first one in July/August time when I had just fallen pregnant with her.

"Then I didn't test again until November so I would've been around four or five months but that was negative too.

"I even took a test five days before I had Luna in the bathroom with my friend and it was negative. Because I was so far along, my hCG levels were so high it would've come back negative.

"The whole time I was pregnant with her, I had periods. I had a slight bit of bloating but I didn't think anything of it because it was so slight and I was so big with my first son.

"I didn't have to buy any new clothes. I had no sickness. I had a bit of acid reflux but I get that when I'm not pregnant anyway. I wasn't having any pain.

"When I was pregnant with [her other child] Brody, I had a massive bump but I did have raised waters with him, which is maybe why I had such a big bump with him and no bump with her.

"I had tiredness but I didn't think anything of it. [Medics] asked me how I didn't know, how I didn't feel her moving. Honestly I had zero clue.

"My partner was so confused. He kept saying 'how did you not know? I've cuddled you in bed, how could I not feel her moving'.

"We weren't trying for a baby. I literally said two weeks prior to having her I don't want another baby yet."

Faye was rushed to Cressing Social Club where a helicopter was due to take her to the nearest hospital – however, her surprise baby had other ideas and was abruptly delivered in the back of the ambulance next to a football field.

Faye, who is also mum to two-year-old Brody-Chase but sadly lost baby Kenzo-Rayne at 18 week pregnant in May last year, said: "There were six paramedics and a midwife all in the back of the ambulance trying to get her out.

"I had to deliver her in breech… in the back of the ambulance by the side of the social club.

"All I had was gas and air and ambulance gas and air is not as strong as hospital. I was begging for morphine most of the time.

"From the minute I knew she was coming, I knew what was happening and I thought okay that's our child, let's get everything sorted. I was thinking about her. I just wanted to see her and make sure he's okay.

"The maternal instinct just came in. If I was a first-time mum and that happened, oh god I wouldn't even know I was in labour."

Weighing six pounds and 10 ounces, Luna was born at 10.47am – but was rushed to a neonatal intensive care unit at Broomfield Hospital after suffering some birth complications.

We were using the pull-out method, I'm afraid, so I knew there was an element of risk.

The breech left Luna with mild hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (HIE) and her parents now have to wait to see the impact this has on her – but are hopeful that the effect is either mild or she may be completely fine.

Faye said: "Her head was stuck for nine minutes. She's got a mild hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (HIE).

"It's hard to know how that'll affect her, it can develop further down the line.

"She hasn't got a very severe case of it but it could still affect her. She could be completely fine, it's just waiting until she's a bit older.

"We just have to wait and see what happens. She's starting to babble already so I don't reckon she's not going to talk. She does smile so much."

Nearly ten days later, Faye was finally able to bring her cryptic, rainbow baby home – and thanks to the efforts of friends and family, her house was fully stocked with new-born necessities.

Faye said: "I had a few things. My little boy is a lot older than Luna so I didn't have a newborn buggy or car seat.

"My friend went around to baby banks, the midwife got bits for me, my friend went on Facebook and got bits for me so I could get stuff set up.

"A lot of my family asked me to set up a wishlist and a lot of them bought stuff from there. I didn't have to buy a lot for her. The nappies were donated from the hospital.

"[Adapting to life] was really easy at first. You have one and life is crazy because you're not used to having kids, you have two and it's not that different.

"We've had to have lots of hospital appointments for her. We've had to have MRI, two ECGs, lots of blood tests, so many appointments to check on her.

"She was a little rainbow and cryptic pregnancy, breech delivery as well, she defied the odds. What's she's gone through, she's doing brilliantly. Now I can't imagine life without her. I like my life hectic, and she definitely keeps it hectic!"

Smoking when pregnant: the risks

According to NHS data, almost 10 percent of UK women smoked during pregnancy in 2022.

Every cigarette you smoke contains over 4,000 chemicals, which reduce your baby's oxygen supply. It makes their heart beat faster and could put their life at risk.

When you stop smoking:

  • You reduce the risk of complications during pregnancy and birth
  • There's less risk of stillbirth
  • Your baby is less likely to be born prematurely, which can cause breathing, feeding and other health problems
  • Your baby is less likely to be underweight, which puts them at risk of infections
  • You will reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), also known as 'cot death'

Faye admits holding regrets over drinking alcohol and smoking during her 37-week pregnancy – but said she took a pregnancy test before every night out which always gave a negative result.

Faye said: "I had my first night out while I was pregnant with [Luna]. Every time I go out drinking I take a test just in case, you never know. That night out was just after the negative test.

"I had a few drinks here and there, like for someone's birthday.

"I was none the wiser. I was eating cold cured meat, which you're not meant to eat.

"I smoke but when I'm pregnant with my kids I stop. But I was smoking during this one because I didn't know.

"I was absolutely terrified. You hear these stories about people losing their babies because they've been drinking or nicotine can make them poorly. I was feeling so much regret. Everyone was telling me don't feel like that because I didn't know."

And Faye has well and truly ruled out having any more children in the future.


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Faye said: "I was in the back of the ambulance asking them to take my womb out. I am done.

"I am currently having a blood test done to go on contraception."

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