I’m 22 and have full dentures after drugs made all my teeth fall out – I almost lost my leg too

A YOUNG woman who battled with drug addiction at the tender age of nine years old has opened up about her struggle, and how it resulted in her living with dentures at the age of 22.

Cam, who regularly uploads videos to her TikTok account softscorpio, explained that she lost her teeth due to chronic illness and childhood addiction.

She told her followers that an infection in her jawbone resulted in her teeth falling out, and the teeth that were left having to be removed.

"I'm chronically ill and a lot of the medication I'm on has destroyed my body and I'm very vitamin deficient because of that," she told her followers.

"Also not to mention I had a really severe addiction throughout my childhood, I was unfortunately prescribed opiates.

"The first time I remember it I was 9 years old and they kept prescribing them to me and then that on my undeveloped body on top of what I already had going on, my teeth never really stood a chance."

She went on to explain that her teeth were decaying at such a rapid speed she had open holes and she 'even went sepsis a few times'.

"I had no other choice but to remove all of my teeth so that they could get in my jawbone and clean out my infection so I can be healthy again," Cam said.

One commenter asked whether she had any regrets, to which she said it was a difficult question to answer.

Cam said that she thinks anybody who struggles with substance abuse struggles with guilt and regret.

"I have to remind myself that it all started because I was a child and I didn't know any better," she explained.


"Sure you could argue that I should have known that I shouldn't have taken as many [drugs] as I did but when I had all of these adults in my life, including doctors, saying that it's ok or even being the ones who are prescribing them to be, basically my doctor was my dealer, I thought it was ok.

"When I would go through some sort of withdrawal because I didn't take one, I thought it was genuine pain because I didn't know anything about addiction."

Cam's struggles don't end there, as she also had reconstructive leg surgery in 2015 after she was hit by a drunk driver, which she says left her physically disabled.

Despite all of this, the 22-year-old is proud of how far she's come.

"I really cannot believe this is my life. I can't believe Imade it, like damn… I'm proud of me [sic]," she said.

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