I'm 42 and people tell me to stop trying to dress 'young' – I just want to look cute in mini dresses, I wear what I like | The Sun

A FASHION-LOVING woman in her forties is busting social conventions and wearing just what she wants, even if it is deemed inappropriate.

But the 42-year-old has been told by some detractors that her wardrobe choices are too "young" for a woman of her age.

She, however, has no intention of changing her style because she loves looking cute in mini dresses.

Many respondents to Natalie Bright's (@bynataliebright) post were baffled that she had attracted such comments in the first place.

“What are 42-year-olds supposed to wear?" was the reasoned reaction from one fan. "She dresses like a lot of confident 40-year-olds I know.”

Natalie, who has 142,000 followers on her TikTok, took the jibes in her stride.

One slur directed at her was this: “Stop trying to dress young. You still look 42."

In her post, she appeared wearing a pajama set, her hair loose, and wearing a pair of glasses.

With a toss of her long mane, she suddenly transformed into another image altogether.

It was the sort of look that caught the attention of self-appointed fashion censors.

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Out went the nightwear and in came a candy pink PVC mini dress – and a broad smile.

“I’m not trying to look young," she said. “I just wear what brings me joy.”

She figured she could wear just what she liked regardless of her age.

“I just want to look cute. Same as everyone else," she wrote.

Commenters to her video were behind her all the way.

One person typified the views of many others: “Girl, no matter what age, you be you. Stay cute.”

“You look amazing," said another.

A third person said she looked great: “You be rocking that outfit.”

While this viewer liked her attitude: “Love this mindset. My grandma also dresses young and people never believe her actual age. Never too old for fashion.”

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