I’m a baby naming whizz and these 1920s names are well overdue a comeback, but not everyone's a fan

WHEN it comes to naming your child, it's probably one of the most important decisions that you'll ever make.

After all, they will probably stick with it for the rest of their lives.

Morgan Kline is a collector of vintage school yearbooks, but in the process of collecting them she's become a bit of a name whizz.

Since she sees less common names in the yearbooks regularly, she shared some of the classic 1920's names that she thinks are going to make a comeback.

The first name Morgan thinks could rise in popularity is Dorothea, which was ranked at 207 in the top one thousand names list in 1922.

The pro reckons that this is partly because of Taylor Swift, who had a song by the same name on her 2020 album Evermore.

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The name Wilda was ranked at 337 in 1922, but it's also overdue a comeback.

"I think it's going to piggy back of the name Willa, which has already made a massive comeback, jumping about 600 spots."

Morgan said: "We're seeing a lot of names with that cool girl vibe making a comeback, names like Sloan, Blair, Maude and Maeve.

Lou is also one of those names that hasn't made a comeback yet, but it's well on the way.

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It was ranked at the 349 spot 100 years ago, but hasn't ranked again since 1971.

Similarly, the name Althea was only at 399 in the 20's, but Morgan thinks it fits the current trends and will make a nostalgia fuel return.

Despite not ranking since 1948, Birdie could also make a comeback.

"It his cuteness, nature names that people are loving and it's another one of those that a lot of influencers share on the lists of names they love but aren't using."

Another cute nature name, Blossom was only ranked at 796 way back when, but hits all the right trending spots to become popular now.

The Netflix smash You popularised the name Love, but the 1920's alternative Lovie could also rise in the popularity lists.

"It's a cuter version and sounds more like a name than just Love," Morgan explains.

Others loved the old fashioned names: "I love Lovie, but my husband hates it lol!"

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Another said: "I have a Lou and Athena in my nursery class!"

Not everyone was a fan of the names though: "They all sound like Grandma names, no thanks!!"

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