I’m a beauty pro – my ‘skin cycling’ method makes me look so glowy & people say they're aging backwards with it | The Sun

WHO doesn't want youthful, radiant skin that looks like an Instagram filter?

One influencer shared the amazing routine she follows to achieve flawless, glowing skin.

TikTok creator, podcast host, and influencer @_eaden shares skincare secrets, life advice, and humorous content online.

After receiving TikTok comments about her skin, Eaden responded with this highly-requested tutorial.

"When I tell you, I have not gotten more compliments on my skin than when I started doing this a couple months ago," she started.

"Someone literally came up to me in person the other day and said 'Your skin looks like an Instagram filter,'" she shared.

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Her secret? Skin cycling. "It's a term coined by dermatologist Dr. Whitney Bowe, who is so completely intelligent," she said.

"She's amazing," she added. According to her Instagram profile, Dr. Bowe is a renowned NY Dermatologist and advocate for the gut-mind-skin connection.

"You chemical exfoliate one night, the next night you do retinol, and the following two nights, you recover," she said.

According to Healthline, retinol boosts the production of elastin and collagen, "which creates a 'plumping' effect that can reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and enlarged pores."

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On the recovery day, she recommended moisturizing with the slugging method — layering on thick creams — at night.

"Just repeat it again," she shared.

"Exfoliation, retinol, recover," she summed up.

"It's a f***ing game-changer," she said.

TikTokers were thrilled to get the influencer's beauty scoop and attested to the fact that this helps you age backwards.

Dr. Whitney Bowe herself chimed in, writing: "This video made my day! Skin cycling looks so good on you."

One user wrote: "Skin cycling is amazing! When I stuck to that routine constantly, my skin was flawless."

Another user wrote: "I am 39 and my skin is the BEST it's ever been."

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