I'm a billionaire & give my kids designer bags, £100k horses & Lamborghini's – trolls say we're ruining them | The Sun

BEING a billionaire is something we would all love to be, but know it's well out of our grasp.

But one family who is rolling in it loves showing off the goodies they buy their children, Ivana 4, and Michael, 5, which includes Lamborghini cars and designer bags.

Both of the kids have their own YouTube channel documenting their various adventures and hobbies and a TikTok dedicated to showing off their latest buys.

Although Ivana is just four, she is already a ballroom dancer and an equestrian.

Her parents, who claim to be billionaires, pay £5,000 a month for her horse riding lessons and even splashed out £100,000 on a horse despite claiming the lessons weren't going well.

Not only has Ivana got a horse, but she also has her own mini Lamborghini car to drive around the front yard in before stepping into her parents' very real Rolls Royce.


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But of course, now used to the finer things in life Ivana wanted to trade in her car for a real one despite not being old enough to drive.

It seems that getting a Lamborghini is no problem in the family, as her dad also has a cuple in his collection of fast cars that he happily lets the kids jump all over.

"Rich family check," he wrote above the video which saw Ivana and her brother jumping on top of the car and sliding off.

Ivana has also already started her own designer handbag collection from the likes of Gucci, Louis Vuitton and a rare Hermes Kelly.

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But it's not just designer goods Ivana is into, she also has a £2,000 skincare collection to keep her looking her best.

Clearly, these kids have lucked out when it comes to the money tree as their parents have even bought them a £100,000 private zoo in the home.

Giving viewers a tour, their dad showed off their two Caracals worth £70,000 with diamond-encrusted collars worth £50,000.

The private room the cats now call home costs £30,000 and has floor-to-ceiling windows so Michael and Ivana can keep an eye on them at all times.

The mansion also has a private swimming pool, basketball court, sauna, grand piano, and playroom.

Other videos on their page @ivana_show show Michael and Ivana giving out hundreds of pounds to homeless people on the street.

But despite that, many have claimed the parents are spoiling the children and say it'll cause them issues as they get older.

The dad was quick to show how he picked up his children in style from school in their Rolls Royce, driving off to their many after-school activities ranging from golf, Latin dance and ballet lessons, and horseriding.

One person wrote: "Money isn't everything get a grip on reality, your kid will most probably have a hard time socialising with other kids."

Another commented: "Show off."

"You don't even need to flex some people don't even have money," penned a third.

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Meanwhile a fourth said: "Don’t need to flex nobody is perfect."

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