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YOU'VE probably heard before that most women wear the wrong bra size – but have you ever actually checked if you were one of them?

Poor support isn't the only indicator that your over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder isn't doing the job: There are a few subtle signs that can tell you if it's time to get re-fitted.


Underwire is supposed to sit flush against your chest where your rib cage is, right under your boobs.

If it falls at the bottom of the curve of your breasts, your bra isn't cupping you right – and it's time to find a new one.

"Wire should never sit on your breast tissue but rather supportively cup underneath your tissue on your ribcage," Ra'el Cohen, co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of ThirdLove, tells The Sun.

This could be caused by too-small cups or a too-wide band, so it's time to re-measure yourself or visit a bra fitter.

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No, this isn't just something bigger-chested ladies need to deal with – and it also doesn't make your boobs look bigger.

"You don’t want your breasts to spill out of the cup of the bra," says Cohen. "This can be an indicator you need to go up a cup size."

Sometimes, there might just be a little overflow, so ThirdLove invented half-cups for smaller sizing adjustments.

If your breasts are spilling out of the sides of the bra, that's another problem.

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"If this is happening, you may want to try a larger cup size and a smaller band size," says Cohen. "Side overflow can often be because the band is too loose and is not pulling the wire into the right place."


On the flip side of that, the top of your bra cups should sit against the swell of your breasts.

"Your cups should be comfortably full," Cohen explains. "If there’s too much extra space, they can look empty under tops. This could be a sign your bra is too big."

But what if your cup only gapes – or runneth over – on one side?

"Breast asymmetry can impact the way a bra looks and feels," says Cohen.

"Around 40 percent of women who experience our Virtual Fitting Room classify themselves as having an asymmetric breast shape.

"The secret to the perfect bra for asymmetric breast shapes is to have a bra that can give you an instant lift but also the option to incorporate an insert on one side to give your smaller boob a boost," she adds, recommending ThirdLove's 24/7 Classic Uplift Plunge Bra.


You'll likely need to adjust the straps of your bra after you buy it – or occasionally after it goes through the laundry – but if they're still slipping or digging in, you're wearing the wrong size.

"The band of the bra should be giving most of the support, not the straps," says Cohen.

"If the straps are digging into your shoulders, chances are the band is too loose and not providing enough support."

On the other hand, you also need to reevaluate if straps are falling.

"Straps that are too loose and falling off your shoulders could mean your bra is worn out from use and the straps have lost their elasticity," says Cohen. "It could also mean the bra is too big for you."


"A lesser-known but important factor to consider when shopping for the best fitting bra is breast shape," says Cohen.

That's why sometimes, even if the size is technically "right," the bra doesn't seem to fit well.

For example, women with bell-shaped breasts – full at the bottom and thin at the top – want to look for bras with full coverage and should opt for wider straps that give extra support.

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Women with teardrop-shaped breasts, meanwhile, may opt for a balconette bra for more fullness up top.

Cohen recommends checking out ThirdLove's Breast Shape Dictionary to figure out your breast shape and the styles that work best for you.

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