I’m a cleaning guru – the 85p trick I swear by to keep your home dust free for longer & make it smell amazing too | The Sun

A CLEANING guru has shared their number one secret to keeping their home clean, tidy and dust free for longer.

What’s more, the entire house will also smell amazing too – and it will only cost you 85p and last for ages. 

Cleaning fan Vicols Family House, who can be found on TikTok at @vicolsfamilyhouse, shared their simple home hack with their 318,000 social media followers.

In a video captioned ‘Dust dust no more, Vicols Family House said they’d found a way of having to dust less often and instead keep it “dust free for longer.”

In the post, they explained: “Add water and a little bit of softener,” as they demonstrated how to mix the two liquids together. 

Fabric softener can be purchased in supermarkets for as little as 85p and each one includes at least 21 uses. 

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Once the homemade mixture was ready to go, Vicols Family House continued to show how it can be used around the home and in every room

First, submerge a cloth in the liquid, then squeeze out any excess solution before beginning the cleaning process.

As footage of them cleaning surfaces including coffee tables and mirrors, they added: “Wipe everything down, it will smell amazing.”

It’s also important to ensure that the process is executed safely, making sure that the liquid isn’t placed directly onto electrical appliances or items such as radiators, televisions and so on where it could become flammable. 

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After Vicols Family House shared the helpful tip, some of their followers were quick to say they would be trying it out too.

One wrote: “Whatttt OMG such a smart idea.”

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Others said they’d already tried and tested the technique in their own space.

Another person said: “My mum used to do this and now I do,” While a second agreed, as they commented: “I love this, I do it weekly.”

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