I’m a cleaning pro – my ‘days of the week’ method means my house is always spotless | The Sun

A CLEAN home is a happy home.

But while many of us want our space to feel fresh and organized, we often feel too overwhelmed with all that needs to be done and end up putting it off.

A mother and cleaning pro named Sherry Meadows, who goes by @sherrymmmontessorish on TikTok, said she came up with a method that makes it easy to clean her house and ensure it is always in tip top shape.

In the clip, she answered a question she often gets: “How do I keep my house always clean?”

Sherry revealed her day-of-the-week approach.

On Mondays, she vacuums all the floors to ensure any crumbs or debris are picked up.


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On Tuesdays, she moves on to mopping. This means the floors are not only free of leftover dirt, but also disinfected and shiny.

Wednesdays are the days she reserves for tackling the bathrooms.

She cleans all the toilet bowls, sinks, and showers.

On Thursdays, she heads to the bedrooms. This is the day where she removes and swaps all the bed sheets.

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To prepare for the weekend, on Fridays she dusts everything.

Using a Swiffer duster, she passed over the shelves, television set, and window units.

Saturdays are the days she handles whatever else needs to be done, like wiping down the windows.

And on Sundays, she checks off her grocery list so that her home is stocked for the week ahead.

Many viewers were inspired by her method:

“Love the technique because it can be overwhelming trying to do it all together. Thank you,” one person wrote.

“Def need to implement this,” added another.

“Literally this!! This is how I keep my house clean too,” a third chimed.

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