I’m a cleaning pro – my hack to get your taps sparkling and limescale free is cheap and easy… with NO scrubbing involved | The Sun

GETTING your taps clean and limescale-free can often be a lengthy, and arduous, process.

But one cleaning pro has shared her clever hack for returning taps to their former sparkling glory – and there's absolutely no scrubbing involved.

Carolina McCauley took to her TikTok page to share her latest batch of "clean smarter, not harder" tips, which included her tap trick.

"To remove hard water stains from taps, use cleaning cloths soaked in vinegar," she wrote.

She showed herself placing the vinegar-saturated cloths around the base of each tap.

After a little while, she removed the cloths – to reveal sparkling clean taps.

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Carolina's other tips in her video included buying a mattress lifter to make it easier to change bedsheets and tuck them in.

She also revealed that shaving cream is a brilliant way to clean a bathtub.

After squirting the shaving foam liberally over the base of her bath, before using a mop and some water to make sure she got every dirty spot.

She then rinsed the foamy water away.

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"It will be shiny and smells amazing," she promised.

People quickly took to the comments section to thank Carolina for her tips, with one writing: "Love it! Thank you."

"Ooh I like these tips!" another added.

"Great ideas," a third added.

Others shared their own cleaning methods, with one writing: "I've been just using a drum stick to tuck my sheets lol."

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While someone else added of tap-cleaning: "I've always used a toothbrush and it works great for me."

"i just spray bleach on everything and leave it do its magic," another commented.

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